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Someone has issues.


Making Anne Coulter and Michelle Malkin look like rational moderates is hard to do, but I believe that’s been accomplished here (and I’m saying that on past events, before she’s even charged with anything or her guilt/innocence determined on a hypothetical said charge of the current situation).


5 comments to Someone has issues.

  • Deanna

    My theory is that Marsden feels inferior for being Canadian, so behaves even more insanely to make up for the deficit.

  • mushroom

    For Rachel, freedom of expression does include the right to boil bunnies.

  • Marsden’s problems go way past the right to express her opinion. This is what, the third time someone she has fixated on and obsessed over has had to take legal action?

    I don’t know what there is to defend. 

    If she was male, we’d have no problem calling this stalking.  
    Mardsen’s behavior toward male individuals isn’t a question of differing political opinion. 

  • I have to agree with Dave.   Generally, I support the Voltarian principle that one should defend the right of one’s enemies to speak.   Couter and Malkin I possibly could no matter how much I disagree with them.   Heck, I’ve even defended Kathy Shaidle at my homepage on more than one occasion.  But Marsden?   I don’t know.

  • Actually, Marsden is in a category of her own. Coulter and Malkin retain their standing despite Rachel’s batshit craziness.

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