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Actions have consequences.

Santa.. er.. Decima..put some coal in Stevie Harper’s stocking:

A new poll suggests Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have lost their big lead over the Liberals in the wake of recent controversies, plunging six percentage points in popular support in just one week. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey puts the Tories at 30 per cent support, in a statistical tie with the Liberals who are up four points to 32 per cent. Support for the Tories dropped across all regions and demographic groups.

I’m less inclined to believe Mulroney/Schreiber had anything to do with this plunge. I’m more inclined to believe that a) Canadians did not like Baird and Harper’s stance at the Bali climate change talks, and did not like as a result of that being cast as the obstructer/bad guy of the world, and b) Canadians took a dim view of the Chalk River nuclear nonsense, where Harper was casting blame at everyone but his government for its shutdown.


9 comments to Actions have consequences.

  • mushroom

    All of these things add up to one thing as the link has highlighted, this government’s  performance has been quite meagre

    The Mulroney/Schreiber thing leads to one thing: same old, same old.  Canadians are no longer buying the new government spin, let alone one that is based solely on beating up on the Opposition.

  • mushroom

    "What Canada really needs is Mark Holland as justice minister and Joe Volpe as public works minister."

    The alternative would be Stock Day at Public Safety and Michael Fortier at Public Works.  Fortier is still unelected after two years?  Same old, same old government.   

  • "The talent pool on the Con side of the house ain’t particularly confidence-inspirin’."

    No kidding. What Canada really needs is Mark Holland as justice minister and Joe Volpe as public works minister.

  • Jason Hickman

    D’oh! Sorry about that.

  • Jason, off topic, you need to learn to use the text editor here properly (you know,the thing directly above the text box here?) 🙂

    The traditional WordPress html codes don’t work with this editor enabled. if you want to do a link, highlight the word you want to use as the link, and then click on the chain in order to enter the url.

  • Jason Hickman

    Maybe.  It was a lousy few weeks of coverage, to be sure.

    On the other hand, this isn’t the first time that Decima had the Libs ahead in ’07, as you <a href="">pointed out</a>.  And things picked up for the Tories during the fall, if memory serves.

    Anyway, if the past couple of elections have shown us anything, it’s that federal polls at this point are really meaningless – and yeah, I’ve said the same thing when the Tories were ahead, though obviously I’d rather be up than down.  And there’ll undoubtedly be bumps and dips in polls as time goes on.  But at least according to the Decima polls you’ve <a href="">chosen</a&gt; to cite in recent months, not a heck of a lot has changed, so I’m not sure if this particular poll is really that newsworthy.

  • Militantliberal

    Your right Scott , it’s Bali. Canadians don’t like looking bad in front of the world. Contrast John Bairds pathetic performance in Bali with Australia dumping that  dinosaur Howard just in time to sign on to Kyoto and Bali. Just like that Australia is back in the cool kids club. Canada, not so much.

  • Doug

    I wouldn’t count out the Copyright storm either.  In the younger demographic I imagine this lost them some support as well.

  • I reckon it’s cumulative. Canadians are finally seeing what a buncha nincompoops we got at the top. Ambrose, O’Connor, Baird, Lunn, Clement. The talent pool on the Con side of the house ain’t particularly confidence-inspirin’.  The level of incompetence is starting to worry Canadians and Chalk River really drove home how incompetent they are and how that incompetence is affecting public health and safety.  I think SchreiberBriber had a minor impact. The early stalling by Harper wrt Mulroney did not go unnoticed. I’ve seen some Reformatories almost gleeful at the prospects of purging the CPoC of Red Tories like Mulroney and MacKay. Some of that loss of CPC support was because Red Tories are realizing they have few friends in the CPC.


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