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Harper opens mouth, inserts foot.

Harper blamed the crisis over Chalk River on the “Liberal appointed Nuclear Safety Board”, making it out to be the fault of Liberal hacks (though as I pointed out, all are eminently qualified to be on the board).

Now, it turns out, the Globe and Mail has discovered that the recently resigned chairman of the Atomic Energy Board of Canada was a former fund-raiser of the Canadian Alliance Party, and that he was picked for the position over the advice of independent recommendations to choose another candidate.

Apparently, Harper doesn’t think the media does any fact-checking up here or something. They’re not perfect, but they aren’t quite to the compliant naive stage that the US media has become. A classic case of Foot-in-mouth disease, or words coming back to haunt you. Harper just can’t help it with his extreme hyper-partisanship.


3 comments to Harper opens mouth, inserts foot.

  • Sounds like this buddy-buddy appointment was just as successful as many of the Bush appointments!! (Just to throw in another Harper-Bush connection)

  • Andrea Timmons

    Remember Harper’s golden, gloating promise, during the election campaign, just after the liberals got caught, with political pandering via the Gomery Inquiry?   He brazenly boasted that he & his party alone would give Canadians, open, transparent, and accountable government, which was missing, under the liberal party!
    Yes, all political leaders make promises they don’t always keep, after they’re elected, but Harper broke our trust, in his government, when he failed to deliver his new canadian government, open, accountable & transparent government.
    Like the Christmas Grinch, he’s been reigning supreme, from the Prime Ministerial throne, with a loaded bazooka, blasting the ornaments we’ve lovingly been placing on our Old Cherished Canadian Christmas Tree, one by one and grinning like an impish little bully, thinking we’re all too dumb or too weak to stop him!
    I want the old Canada back.  Harper’s new canada has left us with closed door decisions, shady deals, no consideration for our voices, or concerns, and sullied our once glorious reputation as a leader in environmental concerns.
    I just hope those Canadians who still choose to trust him to lead Canada, will realize that, given the opportunity, he will lead Canada in the opposite direction, he promises, and destroy all our priceless Canadian values at home & abroad.

  • Whooee! I think this is going way beyond simple Parliamentary gamesmanship. There’s some ugly facts starting to emerge.

    G.E. wants to buy AECL. Harper is ideologically opposed to crown corps; he wants to sell AECL.
    Pesky regulator could hinder sale. Harper rises in Parliament to discredit the regulator.

    Contingency plans for alternate isotope supplies were in place as early as 1996. In 1998, AECL shut down over a labour dispute. European and South African suppliers stepped up production. MDS Nordion, the private sector sales agent for AECL’s isotopes was able to ride out the 1998 shortage using alternate suppliers.
    On November 30, MDS issued a press release advising shareholders of a possible shortage due to the problem at Chalk River. At that point, European suppliers were on notice and were preparing to increase production.

    MDS did not try to fill its customers’ needs using the alternative supplies. They simply let the crisis happen.
    Harper sold Parliament on the idea that restarting NRU was the only way to mitigate the shortage that unnecessarily put thousands of lives at risk. Alternative supplies were apparently never suggested as an option.

    Harper appointed an underqualified crony to a top position in a crown corporation that he wishes would go away. The crony screws up and resigns. The Con talking heads hit the airwaves with a great idea: Let’s sell this troublesome AECL.

    Who would want to see AECL sold? G.E. wants to buy it. Dalton McGuinty has earmarked $40 billion for new nukes in Ontario. If AECL remains a crown corp, they must be considered the favourite contractor for Ontario purchases. If they are sold, no political problem when Ontario buys Westinghouse or GE’s reactors and CANDU goes the way of the Avro Arrow. The sale and demise of AECL plays well for many and not just ideologically.

    We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. AECL does a lot more than run Chalk River. They are a major player in the international nuclear energy marketplace. AECL is worth billions. Blips in their value are in the millions. This whole thing will reduce the value of taxpayer-owned AECL. When multi-billion dollar sales take place, multi-million dollar commissions are involved. Manipulating marketplace conditions is SOP for the big nuke industry.

    Keep watchin’ this one. If any CPC potential scandal has legs, it’s this one.


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