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…that being I actually agree with what Chantal Hebert writes in her op-ed column this morning in the Toronto Star: Baird’s antics at Bali will hurt the Cons worse then anything Mulroney/Schreiber will ever do to them:

Baird’s less than stellar performance at the Bali conference on climate change touched on a much more tender Conservative spot…For all intents and purposes, the Bali meeting was a multi-day communications disaster for the Harper regime. It set back a year of Conservative efforts to rebrand the party on climate change and confirmed the issue as the government’s Achilles heel.

Hebert goes on to write that Baird’s entourage was outclassed and outmaneuvered by the combined forces of the Canadian environmental movement, the provincial governments and the opposition parties (which presumably means she includes Stephane Dion in that, which would be remarkable coming from her, but I digress), and that they could have avoided all this by not hitching their hopes to a US administration which is on its way out and being replaced by likely a more environment-friendly regime next year, but their ideology got in the way.

Hebert goes on to say if the Cons. are defeated in the next election, the seeds of it were started by Baird in Bali. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, or a nicer bunch of dinosaurs like we have in government now.

On a related note, I find it astounding that under Ottawa’s proposed federal emissions trading program, Alberta oil producers will get hundreds of millions of dollars even as they increase GHG emissions (under those stupid intensity targets of Baird’s and Harper’s), while Ontario would get zilch for closing down coal-fired plants. As Ian Urquhart says (and again, I’m stunned I actually agree with him on something – we had a few exchanges on electoral reform where he and I didn’t see eye to eye), this is just an example of Ottawa – and Baird – being a hyper-partisan on the environment issue, not to mention environmental hypocrites.


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  • Hmm… refreshingly free of wingnuts.

    Yeah, the international coverage of this has been really amusing to pretty much anybody who pays attention to Canadian politics. The fact that Canada has been painted as the United States’ obedient little buddy is an absolute goldmine for anybody taking on Stevie. Especially considering the fates of Johnny and Tony.

    That said, this really is probably as close to a positive comment Hebert will ever make about that hated federalist bastard traitor Dion.  I’m continually amazed by the latitude this woman is given on the subject; I’d figure that at some point people would notice, and (at the very least) bloggers would start calling her out. Honestly, shes’ as predictable as the sunrise.

    (Then again, if they aren’t going to call out Kinsella on being buddy-buddy with Steve-o and the feds while somehow maintaining foaming hatred of his provincial underlings, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At least Democratic bloggers are usually a little consistent up and down the ballot.)

  • Chris

    What are we waiting for – call the election tomorrow! After all if the Toronto Star isn’t prepared to endorse the Tories surely this thing is in the bag….

  • Thank God for Dion.  He is a straight shooter and he has recaptured the green issue.  Onward to victory.

  • quaeitur

    Polls  suggest that Mulroney has lost whatever good will he may have had.  It would be a waste of money and effort to proceed now with an enquiry just to confirm what most already believe, and will cost much more than the $2.1M he got from Canadians.

    Mulroney is simply a sorry little footnote to Canadian political history, but the CRAP sellout on the environmental crisis is another matter.  Even conservatives recognize the damage that Harper’s mouthpiece Baird has done to achieving a meaningful consensus on global warming, not to mention Canada’s global reputation.

    CRAP is imploding; it’s time to pull the plug and end this travesty of democracy before they do any more damage to this country.

  • I’m not sure I’d go so far as saying he surpasses Idi Amin, Foot.. one could ironically  call that hyperbole on your part.

  • foottothefire

    Political hyperbole is expected as politician ‘enflower’ themselves, their positions and their party.  Harper has redefined political hyperbole, surpassing (downward) even the fanciful Idi Amin.  Steve’s pinnacle to date is Bali, where his dog indulged in lying, cheating and skulking about like a sneak-thief…….all on behalf of Harper.
    It might be tolerable if any of Reforms programs had been designed by Steve but alas, if it weren’t for George, Steve wouldn’t even have good lies to tell.

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