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Canadian Blog Awards 2007 – Nominations now accepted

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – The Canadian Blogging Awards are close at hand and nominations of blogs and bloggers for different categories are now taking place and being accepted.

You’ll find a new website for the Awards is up, and as mentioned by other folks, it is now being run by a collective of people from all blogging perspectives possible. I’m pleased to see 2 of my Progressive Bloggers staff (Northern BC Dipper – one of my moderators, and Saskboy from Abandoned Stuff – the Prog Blog webmaster) involved in the collective running of this site and the process – indeed it was Saskboy who seemed to be the driving force behind making sure these awards would get held again this year.

So, I want to congratulate the people involved in this venture, and I encourage you to start nominating blogs in the various listed categories.


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