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Copyright Bill on hold till the New Year

Just a little update to my last post: It appears the government has gotten cold feet on introducing the Copyright Bill in this session of Parliament, and will wait til the New Year before introducing it. I echo Dr. Geist’s hopes as well as others that Minister Prentice will take this extra time to consult other people and organizations other then copyright lobbyists to make this bill a lot more then just a sop bill to those folks.

Keep the pressure up: Continue to write your MP and others in the government and the opposition parties to say you want Fair Copyright Laws in Canada that take into account all who are affected by it – and not just a law that panders to and appeases American copyright lobbyists. I’ll again point to Dr. Geist’s list as to how you can go about making your voice heard.

UPDATE: For those confused by what exactly is in this Copyright Bill in its present form and why so many of us are opposed to it, check out this post at Nunc Scio. Graeme does a good a job as any at explaining the many faults of the bill as it stands.


3 comments to Copyright Bill on hold till the New Year

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    I can see why people are confused.  The Bill was supposed to come up Tuesday, and citizens screamed, so the government paused.  For all of 24 hours.  Then we started hearing that it would come up this (Thurs.) morning.  So citizens SCREMED LOUDER, and now it seem we won’t see the Bill introduced until at least January (and hopefully, it will be much improved by then!).

    It’s fun reading stories from just a few days ago that mention Professor Geist’s Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook Group of "over 10,000 members". 

    And then, stories citing "over 15,000 members". 

    And later, "Over 20,000 members".

    Last I checked, the group had 21,600 members, and it’s less than 2 weeks old.  I don’t know how fast it’s growing at the moment, but Professor Geist mentioned the group adding a new member every 30 seconds recently!

    Keep up the pressure everyone!

  • That’s a day old news, Chris. My one link is to Michael Geist’s blog column today. The one you’re referring to is pointing to his post yesterday.

    For that matter, Boing Boing published a blogpost today that mentions it was put off again. Seems you’re a tad behind reading the up-to-date blogposts 🙂

    (On another matter, I’m going to need to get you and some others on here to learn how to use the text editor on here so that you don’t need to put in these long URL’s that makes everything look so untidy 🙂 (hint: highlight the word to use for linking the post to the URL you have in mind, and then click on the chain in the editor above the text box, and enter the URL there).

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