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Remembering Dec 6, 1989

I was just starting my first year of University at Guelph in 1989. I remember that it had been (and would be) unseasonably cold that month – not unlike we’re getting now around Ontario, but colder. When the news first came out there had been a shooting up at a college in Montreal, I don’t think it initially made much of an impact other then a cursory note of interest. Students were getting ready for exams and ready to go home for the Christmas holiday.

It was only after the full magnitude of the Montreal massacre and the tragedy became realized that people were stunned. While everyone across the nation was shocked, I remember that the Guelph campus was particularly deeply affected by this – and I’m sure it was the same across Canada on other campuses – how could something so horrible have happened here in Canada, and could it happen at our campus?

I remember that for the rest of my time in Guelph while I was attending there, December 6 was a very sad day, a day of memorials, and a day of demonstrating to tell everyone that gender-based violence and violence against women is unacceptable. Not every gender-based act of violence ends in a shocking massacre, but there are many individual acts out there that occur, and which need to be stopped.

I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on that, and to remember the 14 young women slaughtered at l’Ecole Polytechnique, who were killed for no other reason then they were women.


4 comments to Remembering Dec 6, 1989

  • orvict

    what do Marc Lepine and Gamil Gharbi have in common?

  • marta

    The last 5-6 years   VIOLENCE   GUNCRAZE   Women and Children’s ABUSE  and even KILL seems to be OK ed     The social fabric of North America   has a cancerous  destruction    even POLICE  "getting tough" with  responding violent  "shock and awe ‘acts for the slightest  disobey.  all things seems to enable the next level of violence …     MEN   are having a  " payback -time "  on women’s liberation  of the last few decades..   just like talibans ..
    The future  is scary and  dark .


  • ALW

    Not to be impolitic, but I’d go even further.  It’s not just gender or racially based violence that’s wrong.  It’s all violence.

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