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Conservative priorities.

The mindset of some Conservatives is very amusing:

“Some Conservatives have also complained the funding the government has directed for new defence equipment has not translated into additional support for the party at the polls.”

Yea, what’s the sense of spending money on the military if it doesn’t convey political advantage for the government? I would have thought you spend money on the military to actually, you know, make sure they can do the job they’re assigned to do – not to try and use it for political propaganda – but this Con bunch is working out of the Republican playbook, and obsessed with getting a majority government. That’s what all this “we support the troops, the rest of you don’t” bullcrap that constantly comes out of this bunch is aimed to do.

It appears though that Canadians are more sophisticated then the Cons. are willing to give them credit for.

PS – also amusing to see Pierre Trudeau is actually the highest ranked spender on the military in the last 37 years, when he constantly gets called a pinko or a peacenik or a destroyer of the military by the rabid right-wing.


3 comments to Conservative priorities.

  • kursk

    ..but i am sure you were happy when liberals were making truck on gutting the military, to feed the endless social schemes and balance the books?

    Wasn’t that done to garner votes from a liberal base?

    ..and please, PET would have turned the military into boyscouts if he could have, overseeing some of the deepest and most comprehensive cuts in capability that the CAF ever experienced.These of course, became the norm for liberal govts who saw the peace dividend as a cheap way to remain in power.

    Ask Paul Hellyer some time of some of the more lunatic schemes PET thought up for the military (that is, when the former liberal defense minister is not giving interviews on the locations of secret alien space bases in Canada..)

  • haha, that’s a very telling quote!

  • ALW

    Dammit, I never got a copy of the Republican playbook!  Who left me off the mailing list!….

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