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Those neo-Cons wanting a war with Iran may be out of luck.

This report by US intelligence agencies that Iran stopped trying to get a nuclear weapon four years ago just might prevent Bush and Cheney and the remaining neo-cons in the US Administration from lurching that country into a new bombing/war campaign against that country. I say that because this is a very public release of this information unlike prior with the war in Iraq, where assessments of Iraq’s weapons capability that didn’t jive with the US Administration’s views were shunted aside.

Add to the fact Bush is a lame-duck President with only a year or so left of his mandate, and a skeptical US public that is now very against the Iraq continuing presence, and I think all of these factors might prevent Bush and Cheney from doing something else stupid before they leave office.


5 comments to Those neo-Cons wanting a war with Iran may be out of luck.

  • Does it seem ironic to anybody that the country which has more nuclear bombs than all the other countries in the world put together is the self-appointed arbiter of who can have the bomb and who can’t?

  • kursk

    Why give a free pass to a regime whose keeps on refining uranium in centrifuges, and has a stated desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?

    Once Iran spins those centrifuges long enough, and refines the uranium to weapons grade, who is to say they will not use it?

    Why would you take the chance?..when a man says i want to kill you, you better take it seriously, and be quicker on the draw..

  • mushroom

    On second thought, Jason Kenney’s friends would beg to differ with regards to the NIE report.

  • Bush doesn’t care about the report … Bush wants to hit Iran, and that is the spin he is pushing today …..

  • ALW

    So how come you trust US intelligence now, but not before? Just curious…

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