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A good start.

As a liberal with a social progressive bent, I get very happy when I see governments fight very important social issues that often have been overlooked – and Ontario appears about set to do that by announcing a new dental plan for the poor in our society:

McGuinty is giving his anti-poverty initiative teeth with a $45 million dental care plan for the working poor… The new dental program…will help about 500,000 low-income workers unable to afford private insurance coverage for their teeth. It will cover preventive care, including fluoride treatments and cleanings by dental hygienists, and fillings and extractions by dentists.

That’s not all there is though: the Liberal plan to help fight poverty extends into other areas as well:

The government is expected to tout “creative financial options” to build non-profit and co-operative housing and launch special programs with banks to make it easier for low-income Ontarians to save for a house.

These initiatives are based on what Tony Blair and the Labour Government did in England, with the premier personally going over there to study the programs Blair put in place. I don’t like what Tony Blair did in Iraq, but I’m willing to give him credit for attacking the poverty problem and making a difference, even if it hasn’t so far met the lofty targets he set. If Premier Mcguinty can duplicate their results, then it’s a good start, and I think all people of all political persuasions should be wishing the Ontario government well on attacking this problem.


4 comments to A good start.

  • This is a frustrating waste of taxpayer dollars. If we want dental care for the poor, there should be encouragement for employers to create dental programs for low-income earners. Government shouldn’t subsidize aesthetics.

  • billg

    As a righty….this is really good news.  But…I hope when the price tag gets to a billion everyone still feels the same way…and it will get to a billion.   And as far as the pre  1995 welfare rates go,  McGuinty is never going to do that, he’s got a surplus only because of the health tax, he’s got about a dozen major union fights on his hands, and, the strength of the CDN dollar hurts Ontario more than anyone else, but, he gets a giant thumbs up for dental care for low income earners.

  • mushroom


    I am not that much of a fan for Blair’s so-called New Deal having been based there for most of his administration.  What it did was to reinforce Thatcherite policies and giving it a more human face.
    Denticare for the poor.  Been established since the 1950s.  You become a victim of two-tier medicine.  Had to wait a year to see my NHS dentist.
    New Deal was a buzzword for ending welfare as we know it.  Means testing still exists and welfare recipients are now encouraged to seek work in order to maintain payments.  Wake me up when McGuinty decides to restore welfare rates to pre-1995 levels.

    Don’t even mention using private funding initiatives to build hospitals. 
    McGuinty is supposed to take a scalpel to a decade and a half of regressive policies.  He is making a tiny step but more needs to be done, and I call myself a centrist. 

  • Bailey

    This is a much better initiative than the "$10 minimum wage now" campaign.  This is more beneficial and will help a lot more people.  Good work McGuinty. 

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