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Going over like a lead balloon.

Three cases of that statement that caught my eye this evening.

First, Harper’s statements on climate change and declaring that Kyoto was ” a mistake” earned him a unanimous disassociation of that statement in the Quebec legislature by all 3 parties. Regardless of what Chantal Hebert opines, I believe Dion should be hammering on that issue everywhere, but particularly in Quebec come next election.

Secondly, and on a related note, the UN issues about as unsubtle a diplomatic rebuke as you can do with regards to Harper and Canada’s position on Climate Change.

Thirdly, the decision by the NDP and Jack Layton to support the Cons. motion on prohibiting veiled voters from casting ballots has enraged traditional NDP supporting bloggers, and unaffiliated blogs on the progressive left who are normally sympathetic to the NDP today, although with the NDP’s view on blogging regarding it as  the black sheep of the family, one wonders what if any effect it will have, or if anyone in NDP HQ even notices the discomfiture this has caused amongst their normally very loyal supporters.

Liberal and Con. blogs and the netroots for those parties may have no more influence on their respective parties, but we do know they get read up on the Hill by the MP’s and staffers. I’m not sure the same can be said of the NDP MP’s and staffers for the NDP bloggers, whose party seems to treat the venue and those who use it as pariahs. Perhaps the better way to get their attention is to get the media notice their rumblings, like say, Kady O’Mally, who wrote today wondering who exactly came up with this strategy to vote for this in the NDP backroom. People like her and others in the media could make a few NDP’ers rather uncomfortable when its pointed out to them that their netroots/grassroots supporters aren’t too happy about this.

And I support their stance, by the way. How can we have a problem with MAYBE a few hundred veiled voters, when we have thousands of Canadians sending in absentee mail-in ballots who apparently are just fine and dandy and we have no problem trusting who they are? The appearance of fearmongering against Muslims is way too obvious here.


9 comments to Going over like a lead balloon.

  • ALW

    "Fearmongering against Muslims"?  Was it or was it not Dalton McGuinty who just won a provincial election by doing precisely that – but pretending not to – with respect to religious schools?  Where’s your outrage there?  Oh, right: subordinate to your partisanship. 

  • Whooee! Well Dawg an’ Scott, if you fellers turn in yer party membership cards, there’s ahome for you at the only party to publicly denounce the bill and its supporters. ProgBlogger and GPC candidate Chris Tindal wrote the Greens’ official statement.  Greens denounce support of veiled voters bill


  • Update: Cam apologized to me at his place.

  • Cam’s sloppiness on this would be forgiveable if he had the grace to retract and apologize when caught out. He describes me at his place as another "hyper-partisan Liberal," which gave me a much-needed early morning laugh. He then frames the debate as though it’s stealth Liberal politicking rather than what it of course is: a bigot’s bill, about to pass with NDP support.

    The question of electoral fraud was always a non-issue. The Elections Act was duly modified, with Marc Mayrand twice flagging the issue of photo ID for the politicos, but no one cared to make a move. (What caused him to raise the issue with them in the first place is of increasing interest for me, but that’s another thread.) In any case, two pieces of non-photo ID or someone to vouch for you was sufficient in the first iteration. Then someone asked Mayrand at a meeting whether the law would permit niqabi to vote without lifting their veils, he answered–quite correctly–that it would, and the fat was in the proverbial fire.

    In the second iteration, Bill C-6, nothing has been done to fix the ID question at all. Two pieces of non-photo ID or someone to vouch for you is still sufficient. So, then, what does unveiling achive? It has nothing to do with identification or electoral fraud any more, if it ever did. Now it’s about playing to the rednecks and yokels who relish the thought of humiliating those damned Muslims.

    For the NDP to get mixed up in this is shameful. They didn’t play a great role in the grilling of Marc Mayrand at the Parliamentary committee a few months ago, and they’re looking a lot worse right now.  And to get the hacksters and trained seals out trying to excuse them almost brings this to the point of no return.

    My challenge to you, though, Scott: I’m returning my Party card if the NDP supports this piece of trash when it comes to a vote. Will you do the same if the Liberals support the Bill?

  • Dan

    You might want to look at this article too Scott.  Seems Jack Layton is clamoring for the center.  Probably a little too much for most dippers.

  • Scott, I did not claim that all Liberal Blogs were condemning the act… My exact words were "some hyper-partisan Liberals", to which you pointed out my mistake on the affiliation of one of the blogs, which in turn corrected in the comments section. The NDP blogs I quoted were the only ones that I had read to that point.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re against this issue, because if you read the blog, i’m not doing summersaults of joy over this bill either. But, as I point out, if the group that it will directly affect is not upset by this, then what should I object to? I also pointed out that I was unable to find any reports in the media of Muslim groups that were opposed to this, and invited anyone who knew of some to please point them out. That was not said out of sarcasm or ignorance, I really want to know if there are. That information will help me sort through this whole thing better and further form my opinion.

  • I didn’t present any side of the story, Cam. I pointed out there were plenty of left-wing and NDP blogs who are publicly dissenting against this very unprogressive position that the NDP and Jack Layton has taken.

     That’s unlike at your blog on the other hand, where you claimed it was all the Liberal blogs condemning the act, and only a couple of NDP bloggers.

    I was against this when the issue first came up, by the way.

  • Scott….  you of course, as I have come to expect, only gave one side of this story. You left out the part where your party’s leader was pushing for this very thing back in September, and he has yet to say how the Liberals are going to vote this time. Of course, I bet that you will be just as outraged with Mr. Dion and the Liberals if and when they finally come out with their position again.

  • paul

    Kind of like a certain provincial election I remember where religious school funding was deemed "segregation" while funding a "gay school", the Catholic school system, a number of other Christian schools and now tacitly approving a "black school".

    I agree with you. Politicians who play these games are whores. Especially the ones who target "thousands".

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