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As per here, we find out that Afghanistan refused to back Canada’s resolution before the UN General Assembly censuring Iran for it’s bad human rights record, and in fact the Afghani’s voted for the Iranian move to throw the resolution out.

It’s mentioned that the National Post is in a huff that Afghanistan cares more about border relations with Iran then with us, when we’re doing all the supplying reconstruction aid and with the loss of many Canadian lives.

That may be true – it also may be true that the Afghani’s realize that they may be the next ones to be scrutinized at the UN for mistreatment of prisoners that it holds, and voting for this Canadian resolution would set a rather bad precedent for them when they’re doing the same type of abuses.

It’s rather ironic that Canada is putting out a resolution censuring Iran for this type of an issue, when the Afghan government we are supposed to be helping develop into a democratic and rule of law society is probably doing as badly as the Iranians are at human rights. Not only is it hypocritical on Canada’s part to lecture another nation when we’re turning a blind eye to an “ally” and their abuses, but it’s worse still that Canada is complicit in the abuse of human rights going on there by turning over prisoners over knowing they face a good chance of being tortured.

Oh, and I see the demonization strategy of those who disapprove of torture was continued by the Cons – this time by Peter MacKay suggesting it’s somehow “un-Canadian” and not supporting the troops when people ask in QP why we are transferring children over to the Afghan authorities when they could be getting tortured by them. I see Petey was reading his Republican Cole Notes on how to invoke faux patriotism in trying to avoid answering tough questions on why we continue to be complicit in violating international law.


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  • In regards to MacKay and other Cons avoiding questions… it’s just par for the course.  When have they ever answered questions, even politically?  This whole strategy of demonizing wore out it’s welcome in the US and will do the same here, only quicker because Canadians know it’s complete crap from being exposed to it through the American media, etc.   The best part of the whole thing is that it is on par with the whole ‘racism’ and ‘anti-semetic’ defences where it’s more about shutting up your opponent and spurning dialogue.

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