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Stacking the deck

The best way to summarize Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan and the Harper Government’s attitude to the province of Ontario on their complaints of being short-changed on the proposed seat re-distribution in Canada where BC and Alberta are getting seats that will accurately reflect their increase in population. while Ontario does not is this:

“We don’t understand why Ontario would be crybabies over our attempts to add more seats in areas of the country where we are more likely to win them”

As we saw yesterday, this continues a pattern of attempting to demonize a rival by the Cons government – it’s painfully obvious to others as well, and I’d add it’s rather obvious that this is a rather blatant attempt to gerrymander the seat additions to the Cons. benefit in future elections.

BC and Alberta certainly deserve seat additions to reflect representation by population standings in the House of Commons in Ottawa, but if you’re going to do it for them, you have to do it for Ontario as well, and not just offer them token seat additions in an attempt to disguise the real motive behind this move, as the Cons. are doing.


8 comments to Stacking the deck

  • Observant, you need to stop taking whatever it is you’re taking, because you’re dangerously close to uttering racist statements.

    It doesn’t matter where they’re from Observant. If Ontario’s population has increased, and if you’re going to do proper Representation by Population, you increase the seats by the same proportion in Ontario as BC and Alberta are getting.  That’s called treating everyone equally and fair, and the same way, which is a trait I thought you Cons. supporters supposedly cherished – except where it involves trying to win an election apparently, by gerrymandering the seat totals.

  • Observant

    Plain and simple … the extra Ontario voters are located in the GTA filled with multiculti new immigrants who did not live in Canada 10 years ago, and who are beholden to the Liberal party for letting them into Canada.  Their community and leaders have been amply ‘greased’ by the Chretien-Martin governments and they instruct their people how to vote in their Toronto ghettoes.

    Is Toronto Canada ???

  • Joseph

    Actually, Rabbit, that is absolutely not a tactic employed by every party, everywhere, all the time.There are many examples in history of parties and individual representatives disagreeing over policy – including strong disagreements – without ever once stooping to DEMONIZING the other party.   It used to be called "leadership" – you should look it up.The conservatives in Canada, like their brethren south of the border, have sought to perfect the art of questioning the integrity and patriotism and good will of anyone who dares question their party line.  

  • rabbit

    <em>As we saw yesterday, this continues a pattern of attempting to demonize a rival by the Cons government</em>

    A tactic employed by every party, everywhere, all the time. It’s called politics.

  • Nobody needs more seats. The Commons is already bloated with bleating already from 308 politicians. More from Ontario only adds slop to the hog bucket.

  • KC

    The governments approach to this issue has been bizarre to say the least.   I don’t know what Van Loan and the Conservatives think they gain by bashing McGuinty and essentially telling Ontario to sit down and shut up. 

  • What about the idea of Dion formally adopting McGuinty’s argument? 

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