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On keeping focus

I don’t mind if the Liberals and Dion ask that this independent arbitrator look into all possibilities of what went on with Mulroney and Schreiber, and to see what exactly went on in the Privy Council Office (I’m skeptical myself that in this regime, with its top-down control style of Harper’s, that officials in the PCO would withhold something as potentially damaging as these letters from him), but I think Liberals need to not yield to the temptation of trying to present this as the Conservatives equivalent to the Gomery Commission.

Let the inquiry do it’s investigations and make its report, and if something juicy or incriminating comes up, then do the pit-bull approach to it. Personally, I think the Afghan detainee issue and focusing on the Cons’ covering up what they knew what was going on and when, and the complicity involved in turning them over when the Con. government bloody well knew there was a good chance the detainees would be tortured is far more damaging to this government then the Mulroney/Schreiber sideshow.

[email protected]:24pm: Sebastien thinks the same way I do – and obviously Sebastien, you aren’t the only Liberal that thinks that way. I hope some of the leadership see it the same way.


7 comments to On keeping focus

  • Observant

    Fuck the ‘detainees’ because they are Taliban terrorists and no amount of guilt trip propaganda by you will change that.  Torture them if need be to get them to tell us where their brethren are hiding, and then go in there and kill the scumbags..!!!

    Of course you Lib-Dipper types want to save the Taliban and use them for domestic propaganda purposes, and then mislead Canadians with your traitorous shit..!!!

    As for Schreiber, he is just another Liberal-supporting slimebag who fits in with Liberal politicians.  Now all that Dion has left is slagging the Conservative government over something that happened 15 years ago.  Talk about desperation .. but we know that PowerCorp-backed Rae will be the next Liberal leader if he can only get elected in Toronto Centre soon.  Unfortunately for Bob, Harper controls when the election actually happens, after he declares the by-elections in January. 

    Harper will probably hold off naming the by-election date and let the Liberals skewer with hapless Dion .. and to give Ignatieff more time to organize his leadership bid , post-Dion. The Liberals are in a total mess and come the next election they will be cornered into their Toronto multiculti-gay-lesbian enclaves. 

  • This judicial inquiry thing is madness.  It will cost 50 million bucks and won’t reveal any more crooks than Gomery did.  Why not follow Jean Chretien’s advice and let the police investigate the whole damned thing. That’s what we pay them to do.

  • Dirk Gibson

    But Canadians are less concerned with who we are torturing…

    Why would you make a joke that we, and by that I guess you mean our Canadian soldiers, are torturing people? I have not read any report or statement that accused our soldiers of torturing anybody. I would submit that your statement is insulting and really in bad taste.

  • I disagree that there are more important things we can USEFULLY talk about.  The Tories do not have the strength to move forward an agenda, so they are (on the issue of climate change, gun registry etc.) just preventing inevitable change.  So talking about this stuff in hopes of guiding the policy debate at the moment is futile.   For the Tories, its all about blocking a progressive agenda, not putting an agenda into effect.

    Now, as for the Afghani detainee issue, its good in that it serves as a counterpoint to the Mulroney affair.  But Canadians are less concerned with who we are torturing than what old, corrupt PM is torturing us.  Let Mulroney strut his moment on the stage and set fire to the Harper administration.  Later will be the time for a constructive policy debate.

  • Well, I was being more or less rhetorical (and had yet to read your blog on my google reader). Thanks for the link though.

  • Scott–I really hope they’re listening. There are so many other more important things we should be focusing on.

  • anon

    I agree – let’s get on with all of the other problems. 

    People are dreaming in technicolour if they think that an enquiry will get to the truth.  If BM took the $2.1M under false pretenses – failing to disclose the $300,000 in cash from Schreiber, and if Schreiber is expected to get all he can for his testimony, then neither of them would have anything to lose if they lied or withheld information from the enquiry.  It will come down to BM’s word against Schreibers.  Neither of them has been particularly forthcoming to this point.

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