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Sun-media strikes again.

A news headline a week or so ago in the Toronto Star read more or less “Harper to Cities: Drop dead”. That set off a round of indignation in the right-wing blogosphere bordering on hysterics, with some suggesting the Toronto Star could or should be sued for daring to interpret Harper’s brush-off of helping to fund cities infrastructure in the manner in which they did. I am waiting to hear some equal outrage from those folks over Sun Media’s title of Greg Weston’s column today that reads: True Grits or twits? Ontario loyal to federal Liberals, despite qualms about Dion.

That is in response to the SES poll yesterday that showed the Cons and Liberals were in a virtual tie, despite the earlier SES leadership poll that gave Harper a decided advantage, and left everyone at Sun Media, including Weston, chortling about the death of the Liberals and how Dion was done. If the standard of outrage is to be applied objectively, our friends on the rightwing blogosphere should be taking the Sun and Weston to task equally harshly for calling a whole province of voters an insulting name. I won’t hold my breath waiting for folks like Steve Janke to do so however.

Getting back to our friends over at Sun Media, I wondered aloud if we were going to see columns from anyone at the Sun acknowledging that the new poll numbers didn’t fit to their “the Liberals are dead” narrative from a couple of days ago, and Weston to his credit at least acknowledged those numbers and admitted they didn’t fit in with what he had said a couple of days ago (not everyone at the Sun who joined in the Dion bashing in columns over there has yet to do so). But, the poll results were obviously disappointing to him, as he had to not only lash out at Ontarions for not embracing Harper, but also took a shot at women too, because they preferred Dion and would elect him and the Liberals to a minority government if it were only up to them.

Maybe, as Jeff over here suggests, Mr Weston should be looking at the root causes of Harper and the Cons. inability to attract Ontarions, or women, or urban voters for that matter, instead of calling everyone who doesn’t want to vote for the party of his choice “twits”.


2 comments to Sun-media strikes again.

  • slg

    Apparently – Sun Media owned by Quebecor – on the board of directors of Quebecor – "Brian Mulroney" – speaks volumes to me.

  • ALW

    Good grief. Hysteria over headlines? Insulting people who don’t share your political views? Objectivity? Take a look in the mirror, buddy!

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