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Another Cons. talking point debunked.

This story was on Page 1 of that well known Liberal-supporting rag, the London Free Press, which talks about how the claims by the Con. that they are the “party that supports the
military” isn’t being borne out when it comes to the financial reality:

The initial plan was to boost the size of the Canadian Forces to 75,000 regular members and 35,000 reservists. The increase was to happen in two stages, with the first target of 70,000 active and 30,000 part-time members during five years and the remainder to follow at some undetermined point. But the report says the government has not allotted enough money to meet even the short-term target and will have to extend its self-imposed deadline by a year.

The Senate Committee of Security and Defense is the group that brought this to light, which shows why Harper may not mind abolishing the Senate when it points out more inconvenient details (known as facts to the rest of us) that counters the Cons. narrative:

The Conservatives have said they are the party that rebuilt Canada’s defences, but the Liberal head of Senate security and defence committee said that claim is turning out to be a sham. “These guys are talking as though they’re friends of the military,” said Senator Colin Kenny. “They’re talking as though Canada has robust armed forces. They’ve got huge surpluses, (but) they’re setting up the Forces to fail.” …The performance report notes that although the Defence Department has received budget increases, it is still required to contribute to the federal government’s expenditure reduction plan by giving back an estimated $203 million in budget savings.

So, in just 1 day, we’ve seen two different instances where on the Cons. supposed strong points, the military, and taxes, the reality of each situation doesn’t meet the Cons. rhetoric. In short, this is just another of Deceivin’ Stephen’s and his Cons. attempts to hoodwink the Canadian people into giving him a majority government. These are the 2 supposed strong suits of this (neo)Con Party, and it is over this (and esp. during a short election campaign) that they need to be hammered. Everyone already knows what their weak points with the public are (Afghanistan, environment), so if the so-called strong points can be neutralized with pointing out the actual facts of the situation, then the Cons. will be in deep trouble come the election campaign.


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