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And it gets worse…

Another open hint that if the Cons. had their way, capital punishment would be put back on the books here:

The Conservative government will not co-sponsor a United Nations resolution calling for a global moratorium on the death penalty, breaking with a nearly decade-old tradition.

Their excuse?

“There are a sufficient number of co-sponsors already, and we will focus our efforts on co-sponsoring other resolutions within the UN system which are more in need of our support,” said (foreign affairs spokesperson) Catherine Gagnaire.

Now, with that explanation, you’d think co-sponsoring a resolution was some highly complex process, and maybe there’s some merit to the reply that many other countries are already supporting this. As it turns out, that’s not the case at all:

Canada’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Paul Heinbecker, said co-sponsorship doesn’t involve much effort – a simple phone call or the raising of a hand during a meeting.

So, the Cons. can’t be bothered doing that simple task – meaning their excuse that there are other more worthy resolutions to co-sponsor is a sham. The symbolism of this move is also being noticed:

(Heinbecker) said in the absence of a radical change in the wording of such a mainstream resolution, the decision not to co-sponsor signifies a departure for the Canadian government. “You can only take these as signs of how the government wants to be seen,” Heinbecker said.

Basically I perceive that image the Cons want to be seen showing is “we’d support a reinstatement of capital punishment if we had the numbers in parliament to do so, but since we don’t, we’ll send out a sublinimal message like this and like last week’s “no clemency pleas” to show our hard-core supporters we really do wish we had capital punishment here (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)”

h/t A View From The Left


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