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Cons. found little support for capital punishment in polling

Some encouraging news today that Canada today is not the same as the Canada of the 1950’s; support is very low for a return to capital punishment (much to the probable dismay of the dinosaurs in the Conservative Party, who were sniffing around for an issue to use, by the looks of things):

The Conservative government found that just one in five Canadians supported the death penalty as a criminal deterrent in a survey it commissioned this summer in support of its justice policies.

That lack of support in Canada didn’t stop the Cons from their “no asking for clemency” for Canadians sentenced to death abroad, of course (which as we’ve seen from the last blogpost now extends to other crimes in other not-so-democratic countries, if it goes contrary to the Conservatives social and moral agenda they feel everyone must meet).

It also gives a peek inside their thinking of what they might try to push if they were given a majority government. As Ralph Goodale pointed out, (and as have other progressive bloggers) several prominent front-benchers in the Cabinet support capital punishment. Stockwell Day is one of those. Tony Clement and Rob Nicholson are a couple of others. There is nothing “hidden” about this agenda; they’ve let it slip out what their line of thinking on this is.


7 comments to Cons. found little support for capital punishment in polling

  • I am outraged and ashamed that the Harper government would even consider bringing back the death penalty.

    They aren’t. Check the newswires.

  • I guess the Harperites still believe that Donald Marshall Jr. wasn’t framed for murder by the police, David Milgaard swapped his DNA sample with Gary Fisher’s, and Guy Paul Morin had a sympethetic friend in the labs in Boston that finally gave back his good name to him.  In other words, cops have never done wrong and will never do wrong.If they believe that, I have an ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

    That’s why I’ve been against capital punishment since my high school years and remain so today.   Police officers aren’t perfect and neither aren’t criminal courts.   We think we have problems in Canada, they are magnified that much more in those States and the federal system where the death penalty exists; and even in wrongful convictions there are very strict limits for reparations which don’t even begin to compensate for the pain and suffering caused to both the wrongfully convicted AND the victims who have to start looking for their tormentors all over again.

    I’ve noticed too that some members of the Harper Cabinet support the death penalty.  They should put their money where their mouths are and offer to execute the convicted.   Publicly.

  • Harper said He saw no reason to tax Income Trusts.On Oct. 31st of his first year in power, he did just that.Now he says he doesn’t intend to revisit the Death Penalty.Will you buy him at his word?

  • Annie: just click on the link in my blogpost… the polling  was reported by the Toronto Star, which is what I quoted from in the piece.

  • Alison

    Stevie and his sidekicks are really just too much.  It’s not as if an accused in the States or elsewhere necessarily have anything remotely approaching decent representation.  Anyone of us traveling in a foreign country could have the misfortune to be mistaken for a suspected criminal.  If our government does not stand up for us, who will?  Not everyone can afford the Conrad Black defense team.  And even he lost his case!

    Stevie laid out his ideology for all to see in his maiden speech to Parliament.  All that is American (of the Republican far right) is to be emulated as slavishly as possible, including the barbarity of state-sponsored murder.

  • Sneaky aren’t they and I suppose using our money. Where did you find out  about this, as I would like to read it all…a majority is all he needs, and Canada will be a mess.

  • Ashamed Canadian

    I am outraged and ashamed that the Harper government would even consider bringing back the death penalty.

    Harper wasn’t kidding when he said we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done with it.

    Canadians have to watch this guy closely and get him gone as soon as possible!

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