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Cons disallow candidate because he focused on “wrong issues”

In another move that shows at the same time that Red Tory’ism is indeed dead in the Conservative Party, and that reinforces Stephen Harper and his officials as being ultra-control freaks, they have disallowed a candidate from running in Toronto-Centre for not running on the issues the Conservative Party wants him to – and what pray tell are those issues the Cons’ don’t like? What you might expect from this neo-conservative bunch:

Mark Warner…says it’s because he wanted to play up urban and social issues that are at odds with the master Conservative campaign strategy. Conservative officials have been actively resisting Warner’s emphasis on housing, health care and cities issues, he said, even blocking him from participating in a Star forum on poverty earlier this year and pointedly removing from his campaign literature a reference to the 2006 international conference on AIDS in Toronto – which Warner attended but Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not.

Let’s be clear – Mark Warner would not have won in the Toronto-Centre riding where he’s running (he faces off against Bob Rae). That makes his removal as a candidate even more of an indictment against Harper and the Cons. (I refuse to use the traditional “Tories” nickname for this lot – that would do a disservice to the old party of John A. Macdonald, whose party doesn’t remotely resemble this bunch of neo-conservatives). If it’s to deal with urban and city issues, such as poverty, Harper and his officials aren’t interested in it – to the point of removing an urban issues-friendly candidate from a downtown city riding.

This action should tell you right here what the Cons. intend to do towards urban issues – and that is exactly nothing.

Warner isn’t the only candidate that has been arbitrarily removed, by the Conservatives. The Guelph candidate has also been removed by CPC HQ. His crime? Apparently he wasn’t campaigning “enough” and because he wasn’t entering his canvassing information into the CPC central party information registry.. which sounds a lot like that CPC database that caused a kerfuffle earlier this month. Welcome to the control-freaks and authoritarians who run today’s Conservative Party.


16 comments to Cons disallow candidate because he focused on “wrong issues”

  • Sandra

    I live in Bill Casey’s riding, and am what the Conservatives refer to as a “bleeding heart liberal.” I will be voting for Mr. Casey regardless of his party affiliation. Until Mr. Harper takes away my right to vote, I will vote for whomever I wish.

  • kursk

    Yes Mike…you lost me at f*ck off..

    And good for little old you and your potty mouth that you give to charity.

    Where do you want your medal sent? Is that a ‘me too’ moment?

    It’s a free country Mike, cast your ballot when you get a chance to..but please, no one compares with the big bad liberals under JC..come and talk about pettiness and being mean next time you hear about the PM blackballing a person for not ‘lending’ him money, or strangling a  mentally challenged homeless man..yes..real choir boy your man ..

    My statement still stands, there are more conservatives big or small c that contribute to worthy causes than people who complain about it, and never do anything about it, save write a few letters..most to be found on the left.

    Why ? because despite the likes of your ilk being on message about conservatives being ‘bad’ and  ‘mean’, these people do have a social conscience, but an unwillingness to not have accountability.

    Teach a person to fish, and all that, what eh?

    So nice of you to raise the level of debate through superior usage of the Queens English though Mike..well done old boy!

  • Hi Scott
    The most senior Tories in the land are pissed at this move. Hal Jackman is the spokesman for this group.
    Expect more…

  • Kursk,

    Not "conservatives" but "Conservatives".

    And for what its worth, this particular left-libertarians is also a business owner and I give quite a bit to worthy causes. Of course, my worthy causes aren’t those of the so-con right that now controls the Conservative Party – indeed they are often opposed to them. So why don’t you and your little straw man f**k off, eh?

    The party that claimed it was grassroots driven and democratic, that listened to regular Canadians just showed that it is a centrally planned and authoritarian and thirsty for power as any Liberal they claim to abhor. Moreso, in that they are lying about it. They are making it clear they will do whatever they want, by any means necessary because they think its "good for us". And then, as you so aptly demonstrate, the hold those who disagree with them in utter contempt, even with in their own party. I can’t imagine anything more anti-democratic.

    That kind of arrogance used to be the realm of Liberal majority governments, but the CPC is doing it even better, faster and more ruthlessly.

    Congrats Kursk, you just became the Chretien Liberals only meaner and more arrogant.

  •  "and am proud to have been a delegate to the XVIth International AIDS Conference held in Toronto in August 2006."

    The Conservatives asked Warner to remove the  above passage from his website.

  • Alw "I don’t see how being authoritarian means Harper ‘isn’t a Red Tory’. "

    It does not imply anything of the sort, but Harper is certainly no Red Tory. 

    Harper thinks so highly of Red Tories that he does not even them to be true conservatives.  To wit: “rebalancing means there will be changes to the composition of the conservative coalition. We may not have all the same people we have had in the past. The new liberal corporatist agenda will appeal to some in the business community. We may lose some old "conservatives," Red Tories like the David Orchards or the Joe Clarks. This is not all bad. A more coherent coalition can take strong positions it
    wouldn’t otherwise be able to take – as the Alliance alone was able to do during the Iraq war.”    Then there is Susan Delacourt’s article in the Toronto Star. I will highlight the relevant passage for you.   "We’ve had, for a number of months, a series of differences between our campaign and the national campaign, over the degree to which I could run a campaign that would focus on the kind of issues that matter in a downtown urban riding," Warner told the Star.
    Conservative officials have been actively resisting Warner’s emphasis on housing, health care and cities issues, he said, even blocking him from participating in a Star forum on poverty earlier this year and pointedly removing from his campaign literature a reference to the 2006 international conference on AIDS in Toronto – which Warner attended but Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not.
    Don Plett, Conservative party president, signed the letter that was delivered to Warner this week precisely as the government was unveiling its mini-budget on Tuesday afternoon.
    Plett said yesterday he didn’t want to elaborate on the decision to oust Warner, for privacy reasons. However, Plett didn’t argue with Warner’s characterization of the dispute. So just how did Warner characterize his dispute.  This was the title of his press release.   "Red Tory fired from Downtown Toronto Electoral Race; Federal Conservative Party has no interest in engaging urban Canada"   

  • Looks like Scott can thank me and 4 others for the nomination 🙂

  • Congrats Scott

    Raymi will beat you though. Raymi might even beat Kate if we all vote for her.

  • Paul Nijjar

    QUESTION Does MMP give us better representation? ANSWER […]
     It is not entirely certain who the 39 proportional or list MPPs that come from party lists represent. They might be considered to represent their political parties in the legislature. But we at NO MMP think that MPPs should represent citizens – people like you and me – from a real constituency, not the political parties who already have too much power in our democracy.

  • kursk

    Blah Blah Blah..conservatives bad, anti democratic, control freaks, against the poor…

    I will guarantee you that more conservative business owners give their time and hard earned dollars to worthy causes than any group of flag waving, jobless protestors from the left.

    Of course, to you, they are all heartless bastards.

    Talks cheap.Liberal platitudes are even cheaper..

  • ALW

    Um, yeah, so what? Harper’s an authoritarian, in the sense that he’s the boss, and it’s his way or the highway. That’s not good or bad in and of itself – it only takes on a connotation depending on whether or not you happen to like his policies. To those who support him, it equals strong leadership, focus, not taking any shit etc etc. To those who don’t, it shows a closed mind, being a "control freak" as Scott says etc etc. We know this because this leadership style is strongly reminiscent of Jean Chretien – and yet the same Tories who attacked it then love Harper now, and the same Liberals who loved Chretien then attack Harper now. It’s just partisan spin, pure and simple.My main point is that you can be a socialist or a communist or moderate or a fascist or even a libertarian and still be an authoritarian when it comes to intra-party decision-making. Saying that the fact Harper’s leadership style is authoritarian is "evidence" that he’s not a Red Tory is linking two unrelated arguments. And I’m not even saying Harper is a Red Tory (although he is certainly proving to be more of one than I think anyone, myself included, ever thought he would). I’m just saying one doesn’t prove the other.

  • WAL:  So Harper is authoritarian.  But that has nothing to do with his ideological views.

    SG:  Maybe so … But if so, then stupidity has nothing to do with  stupid content


  • ALW

    I don’t see how being authoritarian means Harper "isn’t a Red Tory".  The old PC party was far more authoritarian in structure than the Reform Party or Canadian Alliance ever were.  So Harper is authoritarian.  But that has nothing to do with his ideological views.  If anything, this sort of behaviour is far more PC than it is Reform/CA.

  • Matt Guerin

    Shoshana, you are dead wrong about Guelph.  As a Guelph native, I can  attest your notion that only women can win in Guelph is false.  And please don’t mention the defeated candidate Marva Wisdom who lost the Liberal nomination to Frank Valeriote because he was the better candidate.  Wisdom was not well known in the riding, had very shallow roots in the community and no local acccomplishments (only Liberal party accomplishments) and wouldn’t have made a better candidate.  She’s a nice person, but Valeriote was clearly better.

    As for Gloria Kovach – she was a member of "Focus on the Family," a notoriously anti-gay group most are likely familiar with. She lost the nomination to Barr, but now it seems democracy doesn’t matter to these folks anymore.

    It seems that Harper and his gang of so-cons are showing their true colours again.

    Although Kovach will now have difficulty winning the seat if she accepts the nomination considering the shenanigans that have gone on.  She loses the nomination democratically, but gets appointed anyway?  I don’t think she could be described as a star so perhaps the riding is being reserved for someone else. 

    Harper tried appointing a hard-right candidate in London North Centre in the anti-gay former mayor Dianne Haskett and we know what  happened there. 

    Chamberlain won in Guelph last time along with most Liberals in the area because they like Liberals there. I disagree with you completely about the new Liberal candidate. Frank Valeriote is an excellent local candidate, longtime school trustee, respected lawyer, very well known. His Italian background would make him the first Italian-Canadian MP for Guelph, which fits in nicely with the riding’s demographics. Regardless of who the Tories put up now, I think this riding will be Valeriote’s to lose (and I’m sure he won’t.)

  • In addition to what Shoshana said, I think that if any CPC candidate had the chance to beat Bob Rae, it was Mark Warner.

    And yet again we see the true, authoritarian, anti-democratic nature of the Conservative Party. They aren’t the old PC party any more – not like Bill Davis and not even like Mulroney (except for the dishonesty).

    These guys should never get a majority, or Gawd help us all. If that’s how they treat people in their own party, imagine how they will treat people they don’t like if given a 4 year absolute majority…

  • shoshana berman

    Harper’s team removed Mark Warner, a candidate in an unwinnable riding on the same day Brent Barr was informed that he would not be allowed to run in Guelph, a winnable Liberal riding with less press attention because its not Toronto, the centre of the universe.  This is a red herring to distract the media from Guelph, they sacrificed a thorn in their side who wasnt going to win because they want to appoint Gloria Kovachs, Harpers candidatein Guelph.  I placed bets six months ago Barr wouldnt be allowed to run.  he was probably asked to step aside and refused.  The conservatives want Guelph badly, are willing to throw buckets of money at the riding the same as last time and will put forward a local female politician with a national profile and cabinet potential.  Guelph is a bellweather and has voted aginst the governement only once inthe last 65 years last time.  The Liberals had a female incumbent who held the riding. Guelph likes to vote for women.  We have lost that advantage and the incumbency and have a weak candidate in place.  

    The question now is, can the Liberal Party be as smart as the Conservatives and appoint a winnable candidate in Guelph.  The only Liberal candidate who will beat a localy known female Conservative involved in politics on both the local and national stage, with cabinet potential, is another locally known female  involved in politics on both the local and national stage.

    This should never have been an open riding and the Conservatives are taking full advantage of that.  And anyone who says it cant be done or it shouldnt be done.  It’s done all the time, just usually for men, or star candidates who are always in my recollection, men.  Funny that.   

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