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Congrats to Andrew Coyne for his Macleans promotion

Well, Macleans became slightly more tolerable:

This is to tell everyone who hasnít heard that I am leaving the National Post to become National Editor of Macleanís magazine. I start next week...I have always wanted to try my hand at editing, and having only ever worked in newspapers, am eager to see what the magazine side of the business looks like.

I don’t obviously agree with everything Andrew has to say, but he’s at least fair about what he writes about. So, there are now 3 good reasons in my opinion to buy Maclean’s – Coyne, Kady O’Malley, and Paul Wells (just don’t try to argue politics with him on Facebook. That’s a no-no, as I learned from personal experience). That still doesn’t cause me enough reasons to renew my subscription that I let lapse more then a year ago – I do not like the distinctly conservative bent that Ken Whyte has put into Macleans with who he’s picked as columnists, nor the slightly tabloidish feel that the magazine occasionally puts on its covers, but at least they’re moving back in the correct direction.


3 comments to Congrats to Andrew Coyne for his Macleans promotion

  • mushroom

    I agree with KC.

    I will stop reading Maclean’s until they bring back Alan Fotheringham, dump the University rankings, and get rid of Mark Steyn.
    I prefer the National Post despite its lunacy.  It is nuts, but less the writers do write in good prose.  Keeps the white rednecks away.   

  • KC

    I doubt this will be within Coyne’s sphere of control but maybe he can bring some sanity to MacLean’s university rankings.  They are such crap (including the new Law School edition) that they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.  Anyone who chooses a school based on what MacLeans says didnt deserve to get into University in the first place.

  • Even though I’m not particularly conservative-minded, I’ve actually really enjoyed Maclean’s since the changes. Mostly, I love their web content. The blogs, the 50, the megapundit summary…really, the writing quality is there. It’s provocative enough that I walk away with more of my own thoughts than anything. Coyne has always been good for that, and I think him joining the staff only illustrates the intention behind that direction.

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