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Would Jack snub May?

I wouldn’t put it past him to stand her up, even if it was a charity dinner that May won fair and square. He claims to be the leader of the party that stands up for working families, the common person, a party of progressive values, and the only real opposition to Harper, yet he goes out of his way to shun and attack the other parties with progressive elements in them who are also in opposition to Harper.

Why would he do this? The fact of the matter is: Jack is looking out what’s best for him and the NDP with regards to seats and in particular increasing his total, at the expense of others. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – all parties are trying to do that. The point is, Jack and some of his NDP supporters come irritatingly across as trying to be holier-then-thou with their political piety, as if they’re the only principled party out there, when they’re really no different then the other political parties. If Harper was to get a majority government, but the NDP got more seats, that would be fine with Jack. Jack’s goal is to try to supplant the Liberal Party as the official Opposition – a goal and wish you can see the NDP bloggers also engaging in as they often spend more time attacking the Official Opposition then they are the Conservative government.

Maybe Jack will surprise us and have a good political chit-chat with Ms. May, but seeing as he’s barely acknowledged her or the Green Party’s existence (because he perceives the Greens as a threat to the NDP and doesn’t wish to confer legitimacy on her or the Green Party), I’m not hopeful.


15 comments to Would Jack snub May?

  • catherine

    Blogging, how is Dion "making politics out of a tribute in the memory of a deceased press gallery reporter"?  Did I miss Dion’s statement on this?  Or did you just make this up?  The latter I suspect. 

  • "What’s actually very sad in all this is that May and Dion are making politics out of a tribute in the memory of a deceased press gallery reporter.  A bit of respect?"

    Kind of reminds of Layton, when he rushes to the nearest microphone everytime a soldier dies in Afghanistan.  Is that what you mean?

  • Blogging..  is this your form reply tonight to this? I saw the exact same blogging post over at Chris Tindal’s site.. can’t you at least come up with a variation to your posts?

  • Layton is the only leader providing real opposition to Harper — we saw it again today.  Dion put his interests ahead of principle again to prop up Harper’s economic plan.  Dion is simply out of credibility.

    Meanwhile, the Dion and May show grinds on providing lots of theatre but zero substance.

    What’s actually very sad in all this is that May and Dion are making politics out of a tribute in the memory of a deceased press gallery reporter.  A bit of respect?

  • <i>attack the other parties with progressive elements in them</i>

    What good is "progressive element" in a regressive party?

    For the record, I have no doubt that Jack and Olivia will eat with May and whoever else she wants to drag along. But man, what a non-story. I can only hope the non-story-ness will continue with breathless recounts of what everyone wore, what they ordered, and how they enjoyed it. Interviews with head chef and stylists to follow. What a sorry, sad state our news media is in that this is even being reported. Meanwhile, Harper’s appointing anti-choice judges and Alberta’s about lose the only citizen input forum against new energy projects. But hey, why would bloggers want to talk about human rights and the environment when they can instead gossip about E. May and J. Layton possibly nibbling on filet mignon and sipping cabernet?

  • Exactly Wheatsheaf. The headline after the dinner: "Why can’t Jack see that Dion will make the best Prime Minister?",  Asks Distraught May

  • "There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – all parties are trying to do that." – Funny. I generally feel that way about LIberals as well (and the Conservatives can be particularly bad at this).

    Scott, I am not sure why you care so much that May and Layton will dine together.  This is merely a political stunt for May.  The dinner will take place.  Cameras will be there. May will chastise Jack afterwards for being unco-operative (because it works to her advantage). End of story.

  • Sorry Mark, the non-electoral reform part of my post was directed at Scott. I should have made that clearer.

  • Wow, Mark, that’s reaching….really. Should Layton be getting the head of the Family Coalition Party to come to dinner too?

    Since when is winning a charity dinner tantamount to electoral reform?

    That makes about as much sense as Scott railing against the NDP for not being, well, Liberals or something (I’m not quite sure what really, maybe he’s upset at Jack for picking on poor Stephane). Or they are apparently blaming Layton for their loss last time round – again – instead of, you know, taking responsibility for their own problems. But I digress.

    That this nonsense is what passes for political discourse in this country certainly shows how vacuous the whole system has become.  It appears we certain have, and will continue to get, the government we deserve.

  • Mark

    Huh? Greg – where did I ever, ever mention Dion in my comments?

    What’s not to understand about my comments… this is all about Jack Layton’s childish refusal to so much as acknowledge Ms. May’s presence, and the existence of her party. For a guy who talks the talk on the need for greater representation of smaller parties to reflect voters wishes, he comes across as a hypocrite when she’s forced to bid in a charity auction for the opportunity to so much as speak with him.

  • Steve at least it woke you up this afternoon. 😉

  • <i>If Harper was to get a majority government, but the NDP got more seats, that would be fine with Jack.</i>

    I could the same about Iggy.

  • Greg

    LOL, Dion looks pathetic for attending.  Good luck with that.

  • Mark, what the Hell are you talking about?  This has nothing at all to do with electoral reform.   My question is why would Dion go along with May’s stunt? It makes him look like some pathetic loser whose only chance to get a date with Jack is to tag along with May.  Dion does not need help looking sad and pathetic.

  • This is where the %*&#!* hypocrisy of the NDP Leader shines through. This party which "claims" to be a champion of electoral reform which would see greater representation of voters’ wishes and smaller parties in the House, is only insofar as it applies to themselves. That Jack Layton pretends, at times, to be trying to "make Parliament work" and to "stand up" the sad truth is that the leader of the Green Party in the this country has to secretly pay $1000 to a charity in order to have a chance to get face time with him.


    But a clever stunt on the part of Elizabeth May. The more she reveals of Layton’s nature, the better her chances. On a side note, the NDP still haven’t found someone to run against Ms. May in Central Nova, but word around here is they’re trying real hard…

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