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Apparently, no one wants an election:

Remember that scenario I painted a few days ago that said if the NDP really wanted an election right now, they could abstain from the Liberal proposed amendments to the Throne Speech, and thus if the BQ and the Liberals voted together, the Throne Speech would be defeated?

Well, it appears that neither the BQ nor the NDP really wanted an election either – their bluster notwithstanding. I had figured the BQ would probably vote for the Liberal amendments, as the wording on Afghanistan in the Liberal amendments was close to their own party position, and the Liberal statement on the environment with regards to the government was pretty bland and again, close to their position.

It appears though all their loud hectoring on asking Dion to oppose the TS was all just gamesmanship on both their parts. They had the opportunity in their hands, and they didn’t take it.


11 comments to Apparently, no one wants an election:

  • Um, did Dion say that he wanted his amendment to pass, but not be considered a vote of non-confidence? Correct me if I am wrong. The reason I ask is Newman was making those kinds of comments before the vote.  If that is true, why would the NDP and Bloc vote for it? 

  • All in the run up to the Throne speech both the NDP and the BQ acted so high and mighty, critiscizing and making it seem like they were the only ones strong enough and with enough back bone to oppose defiantly. So much for that.

  • Sean S.

    When will Liberals realize that the NDP is far from a "fringe" party? 15-20% of the electorate consistently choose them over the Liberals/Green/BQ/Cons each and every election. "Fringe" is something reserved for parties such as Lennonist/marxist, Rhino, Marijuana, Christian Heritage, etc…

    The last time I checked the NDP kept ol’ Mr. Dithers propped up for awhile, and continue to serve as a great source for Liberal policy come election time.

    I would agree that the NDP and BQ do not want an election right now, heck even the Cons don’t want one. Now some can and have argued that voting for the Liberal motions would cause the NDP to back-down on a long argued and defended position and doing such could come back to haunt them during an election. Its all about posturing, and Liberals should understand that better then anyone given the constant line-drawing and retreating we have seen over the past 2 years.

  • Right, and all the NDP had to do was go back on deeply held principals and beliefs and deny their past positions for tactical gain.

    We leave that kind of thing to Liberals.

  • …why do the Liberals keep him in power(?)

    I ain’t a Liberal so I ain’t the one to help you out on that. I seen some people sayin’ that since a vast majority of Canajuns don’t want an election right now, Dion is givin’ ’em what they want by proppin’ up Harper. BTW, yer the one who sed Harper is a dicator in Parliament. I was only agreein’ with you.


  • billg

    JimBobby, the only person right now who decides if we have an election or not is Dion, so, not sure where your logic comes from.  And, if you choose to see Harper as a dictator, good for you,  fill your boots, but, and you’ll have to help me here, a question most Canadians will be asking, if Harper’s such a dink, a tyrant, bad for the environment, blah blah blah…why do the Liberals keep him in power.

  • Billg sez – Mr Dion and Mr Harper are still the only 2 leaders that dictate and guide Parliament,

    BillFeller, I agree with half o’ whatcher sayin’. Dion can’t bring down the gummint all by his lonesome, so I got a hard time seein’ him as dictatin’. I don’t have any trouble seein’ Harper as a dictator. That’s where you an’ I agree.


  • billg

    Other than bloggers, who takes any of this seriously?  85% of Canadians think of the NDP as a fringe party and the Bloc is a fringe party.  Any election held right now would cost the Bloc, the NDP would remain its insignificant self and Mr Harper would gain an extra 10 to 15 seats at best, so, why bother.  Mr Dion and the Liberals are getting bitch-slapped by the media right now, but, in a couple of months when the MSM jackels find some other flesh to chew on all will be forgotton.  The two fringe party’s are enjoying the spotlight so why have an election and ruin all the fun, but regardless of the insanity that is the HOC’s, Mr Dion and Mr Harper are still the only 2 leaders that dictate and guide Parliament, and, they are the only 2 that decide when and if an election will be held, and, regardless of what the Cons or the media says, neither is ready yet.

  • I was slightly disappointed, too.  It would’ve been fun to see another election this fall.

    But hey, if the government continues to win confidence votes with 200 votes, maybe we don’t need one. 🙂

  • Joseph

    Yes, I always love it when the G&M cares enough about an item to be just long enough to espouse their opinion ("Dion is weak so he crafted an unacceptable amendment), but can’t be bothered to provide any actual facts on the matter . . . on to the next hit job I suppose.Would it have killed them to invest, oh, maybe a paragraph more outlining why the amendment was unacceptable?  Perhaps they could have stretched and actually sought an opinion from "Mr Principal" Jack on why he decided to prop up the government on this given Monday?Nah, people will start thinking they’re a news source then, and their true purpose – providing a haven for paid political hacks via their message boards ; ) – would suffer.

  • janfromthebruce

    Nobody was fooled by the Dion liberals silly amendment tactic. Quote from Globe today: "Leader Stéphane Dion crafted the amendment in such a way that neither the Bloc nor the NDP would support it."

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