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More on the (rigged) Afghanistan study group

Let’s recap this study panel and see how one might rig it so that it gives an opinion on what to do in Afghanistan that fits with the Conservative government’s line of thinking.

1) A panel filled with Conservative hacks and led by someone with the same opinion as Harper. Check.

2) Make sure to exclude public consultation or input so no embarrassing dissent gets talked about. Check.

3) Listen to “experts” on Afghanistan, all who’ve been vetted from the government’s own ministry offices. Check.

Result: The exact conclusion that Harper wants to hear in order to use as partisan attacks on the other opposition parties. This is nothing more then a kangaroo panel. Like others, I’m not even sure why they’re going through the charade of spending money on this panel for a few months, (Manley is getting paid up to 1400$ a day to host this panel, and the other 4 people up to 1000$,) when everyone knows what the conclusion already is.

If the Liberals don’t want to attack Manley (which I have no hesitation of doing – nor will other Liberal bloggers either, I suspect – I thought Manley was being naive; now that he’s excluding public input, I’m suspicious he’s going along with this charade to get the desired result), they certainly can attack the panel’s decision overall to not let any public input be allowed, or question why there are no independent experts not under the federal government’s employment to be also “consulted”.


7 comments to More on the (rigged) Afghanistan study group

  • Sarah

    As a matter of fact, John Manley is not getting paid a penny for  this panel. Actually, he cannot be paid for it, since the money would be taken out of his pension. You could say it is "pro bono"
    Secondly, How do you have any idea what the outcome will be? He does not have the same opinion as Harper.

  • Wilson

    Here’s a question if as you say PMSH is the overwhelming choice  of a  majority of Canadians why does he have a shaky minority?

    I’m not convinced the majority of Canadians are taking your Blue Pills.

  • Timothy Webster

    It is important that this study group is open to ideas outside the Government and effectively examines options in a systematic open manner.

    Since we agree that these two assumptions are clearly wrong.
    ”First you seem to be assuming, that everything is fine in Afghanistan ”
    “Your second assumption is that our efforts in Afghanistan are exclusively military”

    And that a workable plan for bringing long term peace in Afghanistan has not been put forward. It seems reasonable that we should agree it is very important that this study group is effective and open as required to search real workable solutions to this very difficult task.

    If you believe the main purpose of this study group is to “support the Conservative Government”, then there is no reason for it to be effective or open, and you must believe the first two assumptions. However I must remind you that we already both agree that these assumptions are wrong.

  • wilson

    ”First you seem to be assuming, that everything is fine in Afghanistan ”
    "Your second assumption is that our efforts in Afghanistan are exclusively military"

    No Timothy, you are assuming that these are my opinions,  these are your assumptions, only.
    I was giving an opinion as to why the debate has been taken off the floor of QP.
    Because PMSH can, and doing so will put sensibility back into the equation .

    "As a result since the Conservatives do not have a non-military working plan for Afghanistan "
    Ah,  now who is projecting their opinion onto something they have absolutely no way of knowing is a reality.
    Lib MPs have been much more concerned with tossing grenades at the government and our troops and their leaders, than getting answers.
    When answers are giving, the answers are ignored and they trot out a personal attack on a Minister or the military. 

    Coderre goes on a ‘fact finding mission’ all the while declaring to the public, that nothing he is going see or hear will change his mind nor the LPC position on Canada.
    What in the hell was that?  Why did he go?

    ’our troops are committing war crimes’
    There were/are gross deficiencies in the terms our troops are fighting under.  This WAS a Liberal oversight,  that was promptly corrected by our government.
    Libs preferred to attack our troops, who were following orders,  rather than demand that the orders (Libs gave) be modified.  PMSH continues to fix Liberal deficiencies.
    Those are our sons and daughters out there, risking their lives , because we asked them too.

  • Timothy Webster


    First you seem to be assuming, that everything is fine in Afghanistan and there is no need to look for ways to improve the effectiveness of our efforts there. If this assumption is correct, why is there any need to extent the mission beyond 2009.

    Your second assumption is that our efforts in Afghanistan are exclusively military. Ask anybody, if a military solution alone is taken  stability will not be returned to Afghanistan. Afghanistan failed and became a danger to its neighbours and the world. This why we needed to enter Afghanistan in the first place. We entered to provide security/protection, fight corruption, bring good governance and help with the reconstruction of infrastructure and public services. This is part of our assigned NATO role. Wilson, you definitely need to read more and try to be better informed.

    As a result since the Conservatives do not have a non-military working plan for Afghanistan it is understandable that public consultation is required. Simply using this public consultation and idea/information gathering process as political opinion forming tool is a complete WASTE. It may help the Conservatives to get re-elected but it will only delay any real search for working solutions required to help the Afghan People.

    The reason  ’our troops are committing war crimes’ is such a big concern it undermines our ability to lead in a none corrupt manner. As long as the Conservative government blocks any required investigation and does not deal with what ever happened in a fair open, and legal way. The Conservatives are TELLING the Afghan Government the right thing to do is hid any possible mistakes and never hold the military or police accountable. Which is corruption! Fighting corruption required to bring good governance is a key component of our NATO assigned role.

  • me

    wilson is the perfect example of "if you tell a lie long anough, people will believe it", looney left, liberals this liberals that, remind you of anyone, they feel so inferior, that they have to look to another country to oppose. if their is an election, mark my words, the canadian population is a quiet one, until its time to kick the ass kissers out, the right have no idea what canada means, thats why the copy the chimp to the south, remember no one predited the rout they suffered after mulroney, it was by all means, a surprise, and another is coming…stupid right…

  • wilson

    The government of the day, has exclusive authority over the military.

    Just like Liberals sent our troops to Afghan without debate or vote, PMSH can deal with the mission ANY WAY he sees fit.
    He is the Prime Minister, with an overwhelming majority of Canadians agreeing that he is the BEST MAN for the job.

    You Libs sent us there, Afghan people want us to stay, NATO is committed to the Afghan government until 2011.

    The role our troops will play, will be decided in consultations with capable and knowledgeable Canadians.
    NOT by Coderre’s daily rants and attacks in QP.

    Libs blew any chance they had of being a big part of the decision, when they got on the  
     ‘our troops are committing war crimes’ rants with the looney left,
    when in fact it was the Liberals that wrote the rules our brave troops were following.
    Libs proved incapable of making rational decisions when lives are at stake.
    It’s all a political game for Libs, to garner votes from the looney left.

    This mission has been taken off the floor of QP because of the abuse you Libs are willing to pound onto our troops, Hillier and the mission, for political gain.

    The fools have been taken out of the equation.
    That’s leadership.

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