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An amusing thought, and delicious possibility.

In reference to this story that Vues d’ici talks about, where its revealed Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is offering to come and campaign on behalf of now-independent MP Bill Casey in his riding whenever a federal election occurs, let me follow up and be the first to publicly lobby Casey to help campaign on behalf of Elizabeth May’s behalf in her contest against Peter “no one will get booted out of caucus” MacKay.

That would be a big publicity coup for May, not to mention a big boost to her support. No one has more credibility in Nova Scotia politics right now then Casey does. Seeing as MacKay was shown to be either misleading people or definitely not in the loop on this explusion bit, I’m sure Casey wouldn’t mind seeing him go down to defeat.


7 comments to An amusing thought, and delicious possibility.

  • kyle

    The choice is simple. Go green or die.  Everything is about to change. History is being made and the average citizen is in the dark. Is democracy dying? Or has it been laying wounded for the past century? For better or worse, rich and poor, we are uniting with a force for evil, welcome to the machine eh? I wish politics in Canada wasn’t rigged by industry and male dominance, Why is the mainstream media still not openly allowing Elizabeth May into the next televised debate? And why is it that few people have the thinking skills or even will to know that we are living in a police state where fringe groups and activists and other dissenters are being targeted. Tazer deaths, police officers being murdered… officers murdering virtually innocent men. If a gigantic shift in the political and socio economic and corporate worlds, giving transparency to all "trade" agreements, does not occur in the next federal election, the shit is gonna hit the fan. Mass protests and demonstrations. Peaceful ones. Will they be met with force? The will to dominate one another is alien to our species, dominance was never in the first peoples. Everything is so wrong. Can you see it too?

  • Dionosaur

    Williams campaigning on behalf of May would only emphasize the paradox in May’s current position supporting the Atlantic Accords.   It’s tough for her to support Green initiatives and stand up to oil companies while simultaneously supporting initiatives that make it easier for provinces to collect royalties for offshore OIL!    She may be able to carry it off but it would make her an easier target of scorn.

  • mushroom

    Hey Wilson,

    It is the Atlantic Accord that promote these provincial strategies.  Then there is Harper singing the "culture of defeat" hymn.

    Not to mention firewalls.

    National unity is now your problem since the Cons are in power.  What are you guys promising, dismantling of trade barriers between provinces?  Reasonable accomodation? Christian heritage?  Tell me if the country will be in better shape after years of Harper’s neo-Thatcherite economic policies. 

  • wilson

    If Libs are going to carry on with provincial strategies of pitting provinces against the RoC, 
    Canadians will get a good look at just how committed Libs are for keeping Canada united.
    That should just about finish off the ‘Liberal Brand’.

  • mushroom

    "From what I’ve heard, all indications are that Casey will face an uphill battle in his own seat based on the severe fund-raising limitations on independent candidates"

    Bill Casey can, of course, join the Grits.   But his profile will help him in Cumberland County even as an Independent.  

    We do need an extra seat in Nova Scotia.

    Cumberland County is the ancestral home of the Harper family.  Take that Prime Minister!!!

    Of course, the Cons are going to put all their efforts on Central Nova.  This may be their only viable seat in the Atlantic region, thanks to Danny Williams’ Newfoundland Nationalist Party.

  • Let’s leave aside the fact that May is far from the only <A HREF="">challenger</A&gt; to MacKay (and indeed not necessarily even the best-positioned to beat him). From what I’ve heard, all indications are that Casey will face an uphill battle in his own seat based on the severe fund-raising limitations on independent candidates. And I doubt he holds so much anger at MacKay personally as to hurt his own chances in order to help May.

  • ALW

    If you think defeating Peter MacKay is a surefire way to wound Harper…

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