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“Send out your warg riders!”

Shorter Dr Dawg: Kate’s Cult over at SDA is a rather loathsome bunch.

Best description I’ve seen of her commentators and how she uses them comes from Dr. Dawg’s comment section from reader Aeolus:

The proprietress drops bits of food (“CBC”, “Liberals”, “United Nations”, “Tommy Douglas”, “multiculturalism”, “moral relativists”) into the tank, and the feeding frenzy is on. The piranhas enjoying their meal are dumb but vicious. You can click on “Comments” to lift the tank’s lid and peer inside. It’s tempting to take a stick and poke at the writhing mass with a provocative comment of one’s own, just for the fun of it. (This is called “trolling”, or “a waste of time”.)

Kady O’ Malley, the target of Kate’s wrath and of Kate’s Cult, does take it all in stride, however.

Funny thing is, one of the commenter’s at SDA is loudly grumbling that reporters should just “do their job” and investigate and report stuff, which is precisely what the Toronto Star did to discover the propaganda centre Harper and the Conservatives were scheming to build, only to hastily claim it had been scrapped once that plan got tossed into the public light. Dawg is right – they aren’t too bright a bunch over there, in addition to being loathsome.


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