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No election for now.

I saw that the Liberals have opted to not cause the government to fall on the Throne Speech. I’m obviously disappointed, because I think we could have gone and done so with justification. I’ve not changed my mind on that, but I’ll give the opposing view on that some space here – from an NDP supporter no less:

Forcing an election over a very vague throne speech would allow Harper to role out very specific policies that he could then turn around to the voting public and say “Dion and the Liberals oppose this because it was in our throne speech”…..By making Harper defend each piece of legislation he is robbed of such a tactic should an election be trigger over one particular item…All of this might result in an election triggered over the next piece of legislation put forth by the Cons, however, the Liberals are better off demonstrating that they are willing to be forceful and hold the minority Conservative Government in check…

A couple of points with some merit… but I’m still not convinced that we shouldn’t have taken them down now, rather then wait for specific legislation to do so, or until after the Budget next Spring. If this is the strategy we’re taking, which is apparently wait-and-see each Conservative bill brought forward and vote on its merits, I’d argue if you’re going to bring them down, sooner rather then later is better.

UPDATE: Some media reports I’ve read suggest Dion was initially in favour of voting against the Throne Speech and going to an election, but the majority of the Liberal caucus talked him out of it. From reading the Liblogs and Prog Blog pages, however, it would seem the majority of the grassroots Liberal bloggers were for going to an election, and as I am, they are disappointed the Liberals have adopted the “dissent by abstain” strategy.


6 comments to No election for now.

  • I agree the Libs are not ready for an election.  At best they would hold their current ground but more likely they would lose a few seats.

    Honestly, as much as I like Dion as an MP because of his positions, I don’t think he’s turning out to be a great party leader (or at least his handlers are incompetent).

  • But the majority of the Liberal caucus don’t blog. So I guess they missed the message that we are outraged. Instead they rallied around the Grand Old Party in their own self interest. They desperately are hoping  not to end up in a phone booth.

  • I can’t believe Dion could want to go on an election. I mean seriously, does he really think all his photo ops are making a difference?

  • catherine

    I think Neil is right, things are in really bad shape.  However, the Libs better get their act together quickly, because I also agree that Harper will make it really bad as time goes along.  I have typically voted NDP myself, and don’t belong to any party, but I don’t want a Harper majority, or even a long Harper minority, and so I really hope the Libs pull things together. 
    I watched a lot of Dion’s speech today and was disappointed that Ignatieff looked rather noncommittal sitting beside him while other caucus members cheered Dion on.  What’s with Ignatieff?  Is he really a problem?

  • You guys must be dreaming in technicolour.  Dion’s national director is gone, his Ottawa office is in turmoil, his situation in Quebec is desperate, electoral officials resigning and prospective candidates bailing out.  The polls are bad.  And you want him to go.  Get real

  • Yeah, I’m disappointed as well.  I haven’t had a chance to see any of the news coverage yet, but I think things will just get worse for Dion as he supports or abstains from item after item that violates his principles, and his credibility takes hit after hit.  Best to go now.  It at least would show courage.

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