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A post just for Aaron Lee Wudrick on a new federal poll.

Aaron apparently has decided I’m the only one in the Liberal or progressive blogosphere who needs to report on polls, so to help him out a bit, I’ll point him to Steve’s post which shows a Strategic Council poll released yesterday showing the Tories with only a 34 – 29 lead on the Liberals – nowhere near a majority government – and this despite the Liberals troubles the past month. As Steve says, it’s back to reality for the Conservatives and their supporters like Aaron after all their trolling and gloating over one Ipsos poll showing a 12 point lead – a poll that in my opinion generally gives higher results to the Conservatives.

I repeat my call that the Liberals should force an election over the Throne Speech.


3 comments to A post just for Aaron Lee Wudrick on a new federal poll.

  • thiscanada

    I thoroughly agree with you, Scott.  The LPC should force an election NOW!   Let’s see Dion & his caucus demonstrate those wonderful Liberal "values", that they talked about in the past two elections, to Canadians.

    I suspect, though, that fear of losing their paycheques will result in the "principled" Dionista’s showing us their contortionist skills (aka Liberal Values) instead.

    Good theatre coming up, eh?  And practical demonstrations of the many ways that Dion can suck eggs.

  • Gayle

    Speaking of polls, IR did one for Global that said over 50% of voters would blame the opposition if we have a fall election – and those same people also do not want an election.

    As someone who regularly donates my hard earned money to the liberals, I frankly do not want it spent on an election that will likely return the same party to government on the same terms. What is the point of that – just to prove Dion is not a wimp?

    When the election does come, people will not allow their vote to be affected by the fact Dion chose not to defeat the government on the throne speech.

  • ALW

    Well, if you go and look at federal poll history at, you will notice that there isn’t any particularly "outlier" effect for Tories by Ipsos, so there goes that theory.
    The reason I rag on you about polls is that most of your posts rely on public opinion polls to support your position.  The reason I don’t write about polls is because most polls aren’t worth the money that was paid to have them conducted – and when they are, by the time something (like, say, an election) comes around that can translate those polls into something that DOES matter…surprise, surprise, they’ve changed.
    If you want reality, just keep urging Dion to bring down the government.  You’ll get your reality soon enough, and you aren’t going to like it very much.

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