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On comparing conservative reactions to Nobel Peace Prize Winners

We’ve seen the wingnut-o-sphere get completely unhinged at Al Gore being rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Examples of that include what’s been left in my comment section, as well as Pat Buchanan getting so frothy, he denounced the Nobel Committee as being “Swedish socialists”, which is kind of hard for it to be, since the reward committee is based out of Norway. Apparently, the base root of the criticism once you cut through its rabid frothiness, is that somehow the Nobel Committee either politicized the award on giving it to Gore, or somehow “cheapened” its worth, or that Gore’s personality means he didn’t deserve to get the honour.

That said, I saw an interesting column here where the writer says that Martin Luther King faced similar types of derision – as well as the Nobel Committee – when he won the award in 1964. It neither surprises me that a) ground breakers like King and Gore would get these petty short-sighted attacks (as well as on the Nobel Committee for recognizing their groundbreaking efforts) or that b) in both cases, conservatives would be the ones involved in the personal attacks – with their reaction maybe being more virulent towards Gore then King, if that’s possible.


7 comments to On comparing conservative reactions to Nobel Peace Prize Winners

  • philanthropist

    One only has to look at the rest of the company Al would be keeping if he hung around with ‘peace’ prize winners. It’s a booby prize.

  • Ground-breakers like Gore? Snort. How many years ago did he jump on the climate change bandwagon? Three? Four? In the meantime, people who have spent their entire lives fighting for environmental causes, like Sheila Watt-Cloutier (a Canadian, incidentally), are left out in the cold. Hell, even someone like David Suzuki, who has been advocating for the environment for forty years now, deserves this award more than Johnny-Come-Lately Al. Yet here is Left-Wing Talking Points Scott, defending an American media sensation whose long-term contribution is essentially nil when compared to these Canadians.

  • Oldschool, to be polite, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The British judge did the very opposite of ruling the Gore film "nonsense." In fact, any critique he had tended to be because it allegedly deviated from the 4th Report of the IPCC–the latter being that scientific consensus on global warming that flat-earthers like Oldschool reject entirely.  Maybe he ought to read the judgement himself–and weep.

  • Oldschool

    Have you not been listening to her stuff Joseph????
    National healthcare, national daycare, . . . she is a devout Socialist . . . just like uncle Adolph was . . .

    Fortunately she will loose in 08, although she may not even gets past the primaries if hot air Al jumps in the ring.

  • Joseph

    Is Old Shoe off his medication again?

  • Oldschool

    Algoar . . . nobel peace prize . . . nuts!!!
    Al, flying around in his private jet, with several mansions, telling his sad story, even a British judge has rulled nonsense. But the lemmings on the left just follow.
    Speaking of 1964 . . . remember when all the Dhimmicraps voted against the “Civil Rights Amendment”? And of course who has an ex KKK leader in the senate today . . . why the dhimmicraps of course, the noteable Sinator Byrd.
    Of course when you look at the recent history of the nobel . . . Arafat, Carter, Tutu . . . Al is in good company!!!
    Bet he will now run for Pres . . . too bad for Hitlery!!!

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