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When you’re involved in a cause such as electoral reform, even if you aren’t on the winning end, you get to meet some real cool people who are involved in very laudable causes of their own. I met one such person at Facebook named Miriam ( I won’t give her last name out in case she wants it kept private), but she’s a member at large of the board of this charity based in Canada called NICA – short for Nicarauga Initiative For Community Aid. Its mandate is described as this, which I will quote a bit of:

The Nicaragua Initiative for Community Aid (NICA) is a Canadian-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritional and educational support to pre-school children in some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua.

I talked to Miriam and asked her how this got started, and it apparently was from a group of them going there when they were in their teens and noticing that some of the poor women in the Manauga neighbourhoods were pooling their resources to help the kids get some food and education by creating soup kitchens/pre-schools. Miriam and these other Canadians decided these folks could use some help with resources to help carry on these programs, and they finally formed what is now NICA, to help support these women carry on their programs (called ollas communales or “community pots”).

Miriam tells me it’s a registered charity which raises about 4500$/year to help these women continue these programs. When I heard about this from her, I just felt I had to give NICA some publicity and some props – The United Church which I attend has done similar initiatives, and our local youth group (of which I’ve been one of the leaders) has also pitched in and helped in similar fashion, so this effort really appeals to me.

If you’d like to make a donation to help NICA, you can do so here.


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