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Livechat about the Ontario election/referendum results

I’m going to try a little experiment with this Geesee LiveChat service that you can add to a blog or website and see if it works ok. Just click on the Live Chat button in the left sidebar and you’ll be in the chatroom. I probably will try this at Progressive Bloggers as well, but I’m more confident it will work here.

A word of warning to potential trolls or disrupters: this site allows the ignoring of disruptive users or the outright banning of them from the chatroom, so behave. I don’t mind if you’re of different political opinions, but I expect the talk to be respectful, and not abusive.


1 comment to Livechat about the Ontario election/referendum results

  • Jim

    Good thing it failed. it was just an excuse to get 20% more of them feeding at the trough.

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