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Update to last post about actually blogging on MMP today.

There was a comment left in my last blogpost implying that it was felt that one could not actually blog about the MMP topic as it was in contravention of a specific law that Elections Ontario had with regards to election advertising, which would not allow advocating a for or against position today – which I found odd since The Toronto Star did an anti-MMP editorial this very day, so I felt that this part of the act no more applied to blogs then it did conventional and traditional media.

Nevertheless, I contacted Elections Ontario to get a ruling or a clarification on that. They’ve called me back, and said in my particular blog’s case, it falls within the parameters of a personal blog, and thus they are fine with what I’ve posted and presumedly what I might continue to post on here about it (though obviously I don’t know if I’m posting any more on this particular topic today).

Now, the EO official did stress to me they reserve the right to investigate other blogs on a case-by-case basis if something is brought to their attention, but the basic point to all of this was that as long as the blog you are running is of a personal nature, EO has no problem with you blogging on the MMP topic – its a form of free expression. If you’re getting paid to blog by a particular side and doing the blogging however, that isn’t so fine.

Needless to say, I’m not getting paid to blog by anyone.


5 comments to Update to last post about actually blogging on MMP today.

  • If the state of the law were otherwise, it’d be time for open disobedience and a Charter challenge.

    And it ought to be otherwise for paid bloggers, too (viz., they should be allowed to speak).  

  • Walkswithcoffee

     You should be free to voice your own opinions. And others  have a right to know your political sources – especially if they are a partisan non-third party. Regardless if you are on the Internet or not. I said that two and three years ago… I say it again now.

    You can be paid to spread partisan political messages; but you must declare and live according to the law. Partisan sources should live by both financial and disclosure principles. A democratic fight requires honest disclosure… people deserve to know who is paying for the message…  that, btw, is the major point in all the CPoC "fake" news (read lying) scandal.
     I’m glad to see you are part of  the fight for honest communication.

  • I have posted a full explanation of my actions at my blog if anyone is interested.

  • Fair enough.  Good to know.

  • Dan

    What I relief, I was afraid that I’d have to unleash some fiction like “The Completely Made-Up Story About the Fictional Land of Bontario” in which Bixed Bember Broportional Breprestation fights it out against the evil Worst Bast the Bost and its wicked accomplice Boronto Btar.

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