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Latest poll says John Tory and The PC’s are toast.

As unbelievable as it might seem, John Tory and his Progressive Conservative party may end up having LESS seats then what they had to start the Ontario provincial campaign if this latest poll from Strategic Council is accurate:

  • Liberals: 42 per cent
  • Progressive Conservatives: 27 per cent
  • NDP: 19 per cent
  • Green Party: 11 per cent

Look at how the faith-based funding issue has completely neutralized John Tory’s attacks on broken promises:

When respondents were asked which of the two issues they were most concerned with, 39 per cent said McGuinty’s broken campaign promises, while 49 per cent said Tory’s pledge to fund private religious schools.

If the poll from last week is accurate, Tory won’t even win in his own riding – losing to Liberal cabinet minister Kathleen Wynne. Sorta reminds you of the Kim Campbell debacle in 1993, doesn’t it? Tory helped run that campaign into the ground, and turned it into the worst electoral defeat in history, and he’s doing so again, albeit on a smaller level. This time however, he’s torpedoed himself, not someone else.

UPDATE: CTV’s link seems to be screwed up, even though the story’s title is still at its page. I’ll substitute the Globe and Mail’s story on the poll if the CTV one continues to not work.


6 comments to Latest poll says John Tory and The PC’s are toast.

  • 11 percent Green , This election was a farce considering that the key topic was the issue Greens had the goods on and yet could not debate it.

    Democracy my ass!

  • ALW

    What? You mean, the outstanding record of Team McGuinty wasn’t the deciding factor in this race?  Wasn’t it supposed to be obvious that McGuinty was going to steamroll to victory this time around, rather than have to rely on Tory impaling himself to secure victory?

    I think any serious PC supporter abandoned hope of actually winning several weeks ago.  The only objective since has been to try to keep McGuinty to a minority.  And yep, it appears that’s been lost too.

    A well run campaign by the Liberals.  True, they dredged up the usual hysterical demons about what Conservatives would do, but I guess if it works, why not use it?  I just hope you guys don’t actually believe the stuff you’re saying about us, or god help us all.

  • It’s still at the CTV site.. but the error appears to be at their end.

    I’ve put in the Globe and Mail story on the poll as an alternative place to go look at it.

  • janfromthebruce

    but you need to look at the result of the Toronto poll – 70 % of the public wants one secular school system- just one. After this election, all elected MPP’s need to push for this. It will not go away.

  • Unbelievable Scott.

    What a disaster.  Mind you, Dalton and his team deserve a lot of credit.

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