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Student, minority groups come out in support of MMP

Some of our anti-MMP folk are chortling because all of the major Toronto newspapers have rejected MMP in their editorials. I’m not particularly surprised that mainstream establishment papers would do so – but what is more important to me is that several grassroots groups have officially endorsed it.

Amongst our minority groups/ethnic communities, MMP was given a strong endorsement by several groups, including the South Asian community, Chinese-Canadian groups, and the Canadian Tamil Congress.

Student groups across the province are also recognizing MMP as a system they can get behind. 16 student unions across Ontario have endorsed MMP, as has the Canadian Federation Of Students Ontario branch, believing that with MMP, many students will be re-attracted to voting and have their votes count.

It is grassroots groups like these that I much more stock in their endorsements then a newspaper endorsement, or not.


1 comment to Student, minority groups come out in support of MMP

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    It’s good the know the future is with reform (the official Facebook Groups now run 82/18 in favour of Vote for MMP, which is also heartening!). 

    I’m worried, however, that if recent polls are correct that it means the future is still a long way off.

    Also, on the student front, if you haven’t seen it, check out the CFS-Ontario site suppporting MMP.  It’s great! 

    If the quality of campaign materials, websites, and supporter enthusiasm and commitment were the determining factors, MMP would win in a landslide on October 10th.  Sadly, passion and commitment don’t always beat out inertia and the status quo.   Damn thermodynamics!

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