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Ontario Liberals commit to democratically selecting their list MMP candidates

The folk at Liberals For MMP received an email from the Ontario Liberal Campaign that states that the party will select its list MPP candidates through “a democratic and transparent process” if MMP passes on October 10th.

With this announcement, all four major Ontario parties – including the PC’s – have now committed to selection of List MPP candidates through democratic means. This has now completely kneecapped and destroyed the argument that “party hacks will be appointed by party leaders” that the NO MMP side and the Toronto Star editorial board has been trying to use to fear-monger about MMP.

It’s time to get the word out to the people of this province and discredit this now destroyed argument that folks like this have been using, and show them that ALL parties have committed to doing the list MPP candidate selection democratically.

UPDATE: Andrew Coyne with another excellent article on MMP – appropriately enough talking about how the List MPP Candidates will not be appointed party hacks.


6 comments to Ontario Liberals commit to democratically selecting their list MMP candidates

  • Whatever it might mean, A democratic and transparent process doesn’t involve appointments by party leaders, I think its safe to say.

    It isn’t an election promise per se.. its a commitment to what would happen if MMP is approved.  If they (or others) were to break that commitment, their public statement would hold them accountable, and the electorate would judge them accordingly.

  • I note that they didn’t bother saying what this "democratic and transparent process" might look like – and political definitions and promises are ones many reasonable people consider the most suspect.

    Whether or not the party appoints hacks to the list or not remains to be seen, it is, after all, not much more than an election promise, and they don’t seem to mean much these days. If they can’t accomplish  "democratic and transparent" consistantly at the riding level why should I believe they’ll do it at the provincial level?

  • Aaron:

    I’ll have to see what Liberals For MMP was calling for in our Manifesto to happen in how to go about making up the process, but if the LPCO is publicly committing to democratic means to select these List candidates, and a party policy convention is the  way to do that – then sure.. I dont have a problem with calling for that.

  • Ted,  that statement – the last one about it being impossible to do this under MMP – is false., unless you can show me the evidence that this has happened in other countries with MMP.  You wont – what you’ll find is regional nomination meetings, not dissimilar to how local nominations are run.  Your crux of the argument now seems to be – "well, the local nomination meetings aren’t very democratically fair either, so you can’t expect it under MMP – it might be worse!!!" Trying to move the goalposts is what I call it.

    The  fact of the matter is, the primary argument of the No side about party hacks being appointed by party leaders has been discredited on this issue. with all 4 parties doing this announcement.

  • Ted

    Anyone who’s spent time in a political party knows that those kinds of statements are meaningless. In principle nomination contests are supposed to be fair and transparent, but in practice all party leaders and their organizations interfere in them, tell certain candidates they can’t run, and rig things so that their favourites get in without any hassles. 

    The only difference here is that in a riding contest, a non-approved candidate can sometimes win by working his or her ass off (see Justin Trudeau), and the local membership have a much better chance at banding together to defy the party leader to get the candidate they want. Under MMP it would be almost impossible to do this.

  • Scott, as a fellow Liberal will you join with me in demanding that the process for nominating list candidates be left to a party policy convention and not made top down by the party brass?

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