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This and that.

– Will John Tory’s flip-flop on allowing a free vote of the faith-based school funding issue “change the channel” as he and his strategists claim? He’d better hope so, and quickly, because SES has a poll out mirroring the 10 point Liberal lead that Ipsos’ weekend poll had. The NDP probably isn’t very happy today either. The poll seems to indicate the Liberals picked up support from them, and in particular, the female vote went from the NDP to the Liberals.

– Jim over at the Progressive Right has a great example of how MMP would be a benefit to a voter like Joanne’s situation (ironically a FPTP supporter, which is what makes this blogpost so good). That example is also expanded on over here.

– Is Canada turning more “republican” (as in favouring a republic over a constitutional monarchy)? This poll seems to say so, though I caution you it’s of the online variety, and you all know by now my suspicions over polls conducted online. When SES or some other traditional pollster comes in with similar numbers, I’ll start thinking there may be a trend.


4 comments to This and that.

  • Brutal. So Tory has alienated opponents of faith-based funding, now he’s alienated supporters of faith-based funding AND people who notice flip-flopping during campaigns.

    I’d have preferred to see Tory go down on the right side of this issue. The campaign was a bit of a bust. It could have been a good debate. Instead, we got the Liberal Slime Machine framing the issue from the beginning (and Kinsella would probably take that as a compliment).

    Oh well. It’s almost enough to make one wish for MMP.

  • Prairie Kid

    You didn’t really address the main point of my comment. Are Ontario voters that gulliable that they would sooner trust a party that not only lied but broke promises, to a party that flip-flops on a single issue?

  • Ontario voters turning against the PC’s  has nothing to do with the flip-flop. The faith-based funding issue has been dragging their numbers down.  Whether the backtracking on the free vote helps them, or whether it can be used against them by saying it was only done when it was seen how unpopular in the polls it was is the question.

  • Prairie Kid

    So let me get this straight. A Conservative "flip-flops" on an issue and Ontario voters turn against him. A Liberal lies to the people, and Ontario voters are going to give him another 4 years to break his promises. What could Ontario voters be thinking? The problem as I see it is that Conservatives have to promise anything and everything to the people even if they know they can’t keep the promises. After all, Ontarians prefer to be lied to than have someone change their mind.

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