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“Leadership (and bad polls) matters”

Governments forcing to back down from promises made during an election campaign are pretty common-place, but this is the first time I’ve seen a political party make and then back down from a promise before the election campaign is even over.

This is called “restarting his election campaign”. That’s something else you don’t hear of too much – particularly 10 days before an election. Then again, with a poll showing Tory 15% behind Kathleen Wynne in his own riding, and the Ipsos poll over the weekend showing a 10 point Liberal lead in the province which probably translates to a majority government, perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures.


10 comments to “Leadership (and bad polls) matters”

  • paul

    Can everyone just agree that both McGuinty and Tory suck? Hampton is at least a side show when someones sends for the clowns.

    Indeed…a win for either of the two parties with electoral defeats of their leaders would be a big win for Ontarians.

    …And another thing…everyone please stop taking the Green party seriously. Saw some of what they got on Paquin’s show and I can’t stand listening to their idiocy. Holy cow do they have an arrogant air to them. I much prefer to listen to Volpe or Martin over that crap.  Fricken idiot seem to think solar and wind could replace generating base load for the grid. This isn’t a game folks…it’s cold in Canada and we need energy.

  • It could be worse — he could be making up a constitutional amendment on the fly… 😉 

    Oh, wait, he’s reversing/muddling a decision that would require an amendment on the fly.

    There’s something about losing campaigns…

  • catherine

    "He listened to them"? What? Were his ears plugged for a couple weeks?  He appears to have left this until he was certain there wasn’t any hope the polls were going to turn around before the election.  He didn’t even manage to do it before he sent out the emails asking people to vote in advance polls.

  • Tony

    Faith-based funding was a losing strategy from the beginning. His fellow MPPs were telling him so. So was the general public, the MSM, grassroot supporters in his own party, as well as Liberals and NDP. He listened to them and changed his mind. There is no shame in that, as I think it was a good move on his part. I am pretty sure that all of you who are criticizing him have changed your minds on an issue.

  • What’s your point, Aaron? Am I not allowed to point out the obvious hypocrisy of a leader in John Tory who has been flailing away on Mcguinty’s broken promises and flipflops, only to have himself flipflop and backtrack  on an issue, BEFORE THE ELECTION IS EVEN DONE,  because his poll numbers are tanking, and his party members in open disagreement over it?

    Conservatives are allowed to attack, but if they do something that mirrors what they’re attacking – Liberals aren’t allowed to point that out – is that your attempted point Aaron? It’s an extremely whiny one, if that’s the case.

    And…if you were to look at Prog Blog today.. I am not the only one pointing this hypocrisy out, and not all are Liberals who are doing it either.

  • Does Tory actually believe that that will settle it with the voter, and they will all forgive now ?.I do  not think so ….a vote with his Con caucus, for the schools after he is elected..uh uh. Also his idea about fees when it comes to his clinics ..private..another two tier Tony.

  • The possibility that opposition leader, John Tory, could lease in his own riding, raises an interesting question.  When did this (if ever) happen in Ontario polticial history?  I wrote the first biography of Mitch Hepburn who was in power from 1934 to 1942 and I doubt it has happened since then.  With about 10 days to go and Tory 15 points behind, it could well happen this time. 

  • ALW

    [quote comment=""]Conservatives seem to have a "holier-then-thou" attitude on a variety of issues, Aaron,  and thus it’s very amusing to point out to their supporters and others the hypocrisy when they themselves do it, or do it worse.[/quote]

    I’m not talking about "conservatives" or "liberals". I’m talking about you. Specifically.

  • Conservatives seem to have a "holier-then-thou" attitude on a variety of issues, Aaron,  and thus it’s very amusing to point out to their supporters and others the hypocrisy when they themselves do it, or do it worse.

  • ALW

    A cowardly move by Tory.  Brutal!

    That said – do the Liberals really want to start talking about how John Tory, is, um, just like them?  At least when he changed his mind people still had a chance to vote accordingly.

    Oh what’s the use.  You don’t care.  So long as you win.

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