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Who says there’s no money to be made in blogging?

No, I’m not talking about Google Ads, As Warren Kinsella said at his blog, not only are the Conservatives paying news aggregates for headlines, we find out they’re paying bloggers as well. I’m referring to this:

The Harper government gave a contract for communications consulting on Parliament Hill, worth up to $20,000, to an outspoken Conservative Internet blogger. Privy Council Office records show Joan Tintor, author of a popular weblog or “blog,” in June received the one-year contract for “communications professional services not elsewhere specified.”

Not a bad little gig.


7 comments to Who says there’s no money to be made in blogging?

  • Eugene Parks

    "Shouldn’t we really expect better than this stuff?"

    Of course! The point is that Harper’s team has been pumping out fake "news" stories via the Internet for nearly 4 years and the above just proves that again. The CPoC propaganda channel is not to be trusted. Harper’s team will not own its words and has to hide the source in order to speak them.

  • Not criticizing you for the post, just wondering what the point of the article was. It kind of meanders along, making random points related to Tintor, government contracts, blogging, Tom Flanagan, etc. etc.. Shouldn’t we really expect better than this stuff?

  • Why don’t you write the Citizen and find out, Aaron, if it’s bothering you so much.

  • Isn’t this kind of a dumb article? If Tintor wasn’t being paid for her services, isn’t this just another example of short-sighted gotcha journalism? 

  • Eugene Parks

    I told you about this 3 years ago… and I told you about cheque swapping… and I told you about the advertising spending… and I warned you about pre-election spending that is used during the election but not accounted for… and I told you about the convention.

    Eugene Parks

  • The Libs were going to pay me to blog for them, but they were only offering Canada Tire money.

  • slg

    there’s a couple of others I’ve wondered about – you know – the "detective-sleuth" type?  Maybe a impressionable young man that avoids negative issues about CPC and concentrates on the CBC?

    Just curious…

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