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The Toronto Star gets shrill

Well.. I’m not particularly surprised at the Star rejecting MMP in their editorial today. They pulled out every distortion of MMP they could find to belittle it and try to fear-monger with. What surprises me out of this editorial is that according to the Star, everything is hunky-dorey with FPTP and nothing is broke, so why fix it?

Yup.. with declining turnout in our current electoral system, with 3/4 of the Ontario candidates being male and 90% white, with false majorities, this system is so perfect that only 3 democratic countries left in the West use it.

With this editorial, the Star clearly shows that while it is a liberal leaning paper, and it does support many good progressive positions, it also is a paper of the establishment, and it clearly shows how establishment it is with its anti-reform bent when it comes to electoral reform (It went so far as to criticize McGuinty as being “foolish” in keeping his promise to form a Citizens Assembly to even study electoral reform).

More on this can be found here.


4 comments to The Toronto Star gets shrill

  • God, I love it when you get pissed off, Scott! Keep it up and someday you’ll be just like me. : )

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    Presumably you’ve seen this Scott but if not, Andrew Coyne put out another great column yesterday debunking the fear and smear tactics of the Anti-MMP crowd.  It deals with some of the distortions in the Star editorial, and his next column will probably cover the rest (so much dishonesty and distortion, I guess he figured it needed two whole columns to debunk it all!).

    Anyway, a good read if you haven’t checked it out yet! 

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    That editorial was pretty sickening.  Seems to me, if you have to resort to lies and distortions in order to justify your endorsement of FPTP that alone is an indication of how broken the system is.

    If I subscribed to the Star, I’d definitely be canceling my subscription after that little travesty.


  • jason bo green

    Personally, I don’t think of the Star as progressive – that’s just my personal opinion.  They talk a big game, but they’re just a tool of the Liberal Party, and the Liberal Party, while having progressives in it, isn’t progressive.  In my view, you’ve outlined exactly why the Star is waaay more establishment than progressive – they prefer government to be white and male and elected by a minority of voters. 

    I remember some guy – some big honcho or other – from the Star on CBC Radio, making a little joke and laughing about it, that the Star’s editorial policy has always been, "Think NDP… and vote Liberal!"  He and the host both had a chuckle over it, but I think it’s exactly right – they’re just a Liberal Party platform to woo over left-wing voters to their lying, two-faced, "what promises?" side. 

    A big part of FPTP’s problem is citizens being told they can’t vote for the party of their choice – Paul Martin, Cherniak, and everyone else loves nothing more than telling people, "Vote for the NDP, you’re voting Tory."  That’s exactly what the Star has been telling readers forever – "Hey you, over there, with the leftist ideals and ambitions… vote Liberal."  Why, exactly?  Because you believe in decriminalization of marijuana?  That didn’t happen.  Pretty much nothing happened in their 13 years in office.

    As you can tell, I’m in a bitter-betty mood tonight, lol.  But this Star-on-MMP business is so obviously inevitable it makes me sick.  They’re just a party-newsletter with movie reviews and sports articles to seduce you into voting for status quo establishment white males running the world, siphoning off NDP support.  Ugh, the Star and the LPC just make me sick!!!

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