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What is it with Liberal advisers of late?

I thought after Martin had left, that maybe we’d get some advisers with some political savvy to advise the new leader, but at least one of them has proven me wrong.

Jamie Carroll is a carbon-copy of Scott Reid, and that in my opinion is not a good thing.

I’m not going to dive off the deep end like a certain other blogger has been doing, and not that I have much influence in Liberal political circles, but for what little my opinion is worth, it’s time to dump Mr. Carroll and get someone else with a modicum of common political sense in there. I question some of the decisions that seems to have been coming out of the OLO of late, and if this attitude of Carroll’s is any indication, then it’s been time to let him go for awhile.

As far as I’m concerned, musing about whether giving out olive branches to leadership rivals is the right strategy or not and then telling everyone publicly your paranoia about supposed plots, + this latest episode more then tops the “beer and popcorn” comment Reid made for sheer political inanity.

UPDATE @ 9:58pm: A colleague of mine close to the action has read what I had to say and tells me the remarks supposedly made by Carroll attributed to him in the Star article are not what was reported, and that people in the meeting which this all took place would confirm that. I see they’ve now issued a release from Mr. Carroll saying his remarks were misconstrued. If that’s the case, I’m willing to be fair about it, but something was obviously said up there that didn’t go over well; when you’re getting a direct quote to the media from different Liberal sources (Pablo Rodriguez asking for a resignation, as an example), and others doing direct quotes in the paper, Mr. Carroll is obviously at the very least a lightning rod of controversy right now – something this party doesn’t need on top of everything else going on Quebec way.

UPDATE 2: H/T to my deep-end diving associate blogger Steve V, who mentioned in user comments that Andrew Coyne has said that the public statements were just an excuse to articulate a deeper frustration with the leader, and that Mr. Carroll is a lightning rod for other things they are unhappy about.


13 comments to What is it with Liberal advisers of late?

  • [quote comment=""]I think you’ve jumped the shark here, Scott. Read today’s Globe article.[/quote]

    I see it.. but the Elizabeth Thompson article from CP says otherwise, Jason. More senior Liberals are coming out and saying that he said this.

    I’ll stick with my original article..  but I’ll add regardless of the reality of what was said or what wasn’t, he needs to go. He is obviously a lightning rod for controversy, and his other actions have meant he has stirred up anger and resentment where none needed to be stirred up.

  • I think you’ve jumped the shark here, Scott. Read today’s Globe article.

  • Timothy Webster

    If you are a Liberal, I think it is time to call your local/nearest Liberal MP and tell them. <b>Get behind Dion and stop making public statements to make each other look bad. Remember if the Liberals don’t stand together they will get wiped clean in the up coming election. </b>
    I am sure Harper is looking forward to a Liberal implosion to give him a majority so he can make some real changes. Yup, Canada the country he can’t stand.

  • me dere robert

    Do you Liberals want to lose or what? If Harper had decided not to have an election in October he may be reconsidering.

    First of all this was a private meeting and I’m still trying to get an answer to why these comments are so "extremely offensive and racist". Anyone?

    Second of all, the last liberal campaign was completely terrible but there was nothing wrong with the "beer and popcorn" comment. The problem was the reaction to the accusation that they were "saying Canadian parents were not good parents and would spend the money on themselves". Well not all Canadian parents are good parents! And they would spend it on themselves! They should have defended themselves and stuck with their comment instead of apologizing like a bunch of sissies.

    Anyway, this is ridiculous. Go ahead and fight, push out Dion, go in to more debt choosing a new leader, then try to push him out before he’s even been there a year, and the cycle continues.. until Harper has a majority and the you have four years to figure it out.

  • Just like the beer and popcorn comment, I think this is more than a lapse in judgement. The beer and popcorn statement evinced Scott Reid’s distrust of ordinary canadians – a caricature of liberalism.  Jamie Carroll’s statement evinces his belief that diversity is an English Canada phenomenon. Even in his latest statement, Jamie Carroll continues to distinguish between "Canada’s growing diversity" and francophone Quebecers as though all members of the latter group are white catholics.

  • Phil Larouche

    I would take Marie Poulin’s word over Jamie Carroll and his fan club. She said it was a bad joke trying to defend him but she admitted he had made that comment. She has more credibility than our dear national director… He needs to go.

  • I am beginning to wonder if anyone knows what they are doing, but someone had better get it straight and fix it, before it is too late, if it already isn’t.  No wonder the knives are out. I am a good Liberal but Dion worries me with many things he does, especially the way he treated Marc Garneau, and his appointing too many , instead of going through  the nomination route. Look what happened with Outremont.

  • Well Phil,  I take it you’re referring to my 1st update. The person who contacted me has told me that there are people in that meeting who will say that he never made those remarks;  that was the point of that update.

    So,  it wasn’t just Jamie Carroll making a statement —  it appears we have a couple different versions from the actual meeting participants on what exactly was said. Still, not good optics.

  • Phil Larouche

    Party President, Senator Marie Poulin, confirmed what Carroll said in an interview with Marco Fortier from Journal de Montréal. She said it was a joke and an inapropriate one… Who would you prefer to believe, four people in the meeting or Jamie Carroll’s statement to keep his job ?

  • The water is warm Scott 🙂

    Coyne made a good comment about the public statements, saying they were just an excuse to articulate a deeper frustration with the leader.  That’s exactly how I read Pablo and others,  Carroll is the lightning rod for other things.

  • jason bo green

    The story here isn’t Carroll’s remarks, it’s that all these Liberals left a private meeting and ran to the press about the remarks.  It wasn’t because they were offended, it was because their knives are out, and they’re out for Dion.  The party is self-destructing, fast, it’s getting painful to watch, and if Dion has any power at all to make these people hurt worse than they ever imagined as a warning to anyone else thinking of turning on him, he’d better exercise it ASAP, or it’s over – if it’s not already.  I can’t imagine hordes of party members sabotaging Layton, Harper, Martin, Chretien, or even May in the way Dion is right now. 

    The LPC, especially its Quebec wing, need to band together and stop all this backstabbing, or it’s going to be a decimation, and Layton will become Opposition (not that that would be bad at all, I’m just saying).  Party unity is flogged by Cherniak-types to the point of idiocy, but there *is* a need for public unity, and I’ve never in my life seen a better example of why it’s needed than I have this week.  It’s getting agonizing to behold.

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