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Archives encourages young people to be involved in the electoral process.

Let’s face it, one of the problems we have in this country and in this province is that a lot of young people simply do not feel engaged enough to participate in the electoral system. I believe the figure I’ve seen is that only 20% of “young voters” bother to vote. With that in mind, a few of the Ontario Young Liberals have decided to create a website to appeal to that segment of the population and encourage them to be active in the political process, regardless of who they might vote for.

The site is called, and I must say I’m very impressed with how tech-savvy it is. I think it does get the message out to young voters that there ARE issues important to them, and that participating in the electoral process is how you address those issues. I encourage you (particularly if you’re a young voter, or a potential young voter) to take a tour of the site.


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  • …as in, I speak too?

  • Doug

    That is a very well done site – it looks very nice, it is unfortunate that I am not sure it will change much.

    In my opinion, knowledge [or lack there-of] of issues isn’t the de-motivator that needs to be addressed.  It’s that candidates seem utterly pointless.

    I am not from Ontario so let me grab my local rep.  What does Brad Trost stand for?  "to make a positive difference for Saskatoon-Humboldt by serving with vision and integrity."   Well, great.  That is… generic.  Wonderful.  And completely without substance.  From Brad Trosts website it appears Brad Trost stands for 1 thing: Whatever the Whip tells him.

    I think this is a far bigger barrier – Recently I have been making an effort to become involved but representatives feel mostly meaningless.  A cardboard cutout with a string tied from their voting arm to the Whip could serve the same purpose.  Harsh, yes, but my circle of friends all feel that representatives don’t _stand for anything_.

    To become involved where did I go?  Blogs, people, thoughts.  I have a certain set of beliefs and I read blogs (thoughts) from all spectrum’s of the Canadian political sphere.  But I don’t have much of a desire to vote for a person running in my area because they have no beliefs, and if they do they try and cover them up.

    Another example is the ‘vote-for-me!’ mail I get in my postal mail box.  They are always "This party did so-and-so!  Evil!" and honestly, my generation and younger have learnt to filter flames after years of message board posting/reading.  And that is what these are, Flames.  And they are meaningless.

    The way to touch a younger generation is be a person – have thoughts, feelings, stand for something.  Make it known what you stand for and be passionate about it.  For a recent example, I respect those Conservatives that are standing up and speaking about what they believe (regarding the school-funding-religion-controversy-thingy) rather than being quiet and following along.  I would be much more interested in voting for someone that stands up for what they believe in.

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