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How to kill rats naturally.

And now for something completely different. I saw this in a thread over at Bread n’ Roses by Anne Cameron on how to exterminate rats without introducing harmful poison to the environment:

The best use for instant mashed spuds I ever found was RODENTS…I didn’t like to use rat poison because on a farm there are so many other critters could find and eat it but when the rats moved from the chicken shed to the basement…you put down an open container of instant mashed spuds (I used Carnation) and they love the stuff. It has lots of salt in it. They eat and eat and eat and then they have to zot outside to drink. The dry instant mashed spud begins to swell in the water they drink and..they as good as blow up and that’s it for them..and if anything finds the carcass and starts eating, they don’t get poisoned…worked like a hot damn!

No real reason to post this, other then it amused me… and because I’m all for natural methods of exterminating pests.


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