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John Tory running into critics from his own party.

And you think Dion has problems with supposed grumblings behind his back? Check out John Tory’s, who has party members openly questioning him on the hustings:

Bill Murdoch, the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, became the first Tory MPP to say he could not support the controversial promise… “I didn’t realize how sensitive and divisive the issue would be when it was first introduced,” Murdoch said today.. “Should this come before the legislature, as it stands today, with the majority of my riding opposed, I will vote against it.”

And of course, Tory didn’t help matters by openly dismissing Murdoch as a live wire:

“When you look up maverick in the dictionary, you find his picture there in colour,” Tory told reporters.

Regardless of your stance on the funding issue, it isn’t good for public consumption openly bickering on the election trail.


5 comments to John Tory running into critics from his own party.

  • ALW

    Yes, I’m the master of spin…

    Bill Murdoch has been criticizing and lambasting his own party for <b>years</i>, and my only question is why he wasn’t been kicked out long long ago (I can guess: because he’d win the seat as an independent).

  • Well yea.. except that Bill Murdoch is a long-time MPP in one of the safest PC ridings in Ontario making statements openly during an election campaign, while Ray Heard is a retired advisor.

    A tad bit of difference there ALW, but nice attempt at spin-cycling there.

  • ALW

    Er, it’s Bill Murdoch.  So what’s the story? 

    Remember how annoyed Liberals got last week when that whathisname guy who was a John Turner advisor kept talking about "civil war" on Dion, and everyone dismissed him because he’s a frequent troublemaker who doesn’t speak for anyone in the party?  Bill Murdoch is basically the Ontario PC equivalent of that guy. 

  • mushroom

    We have our own maverick in Garth Turner!!!

  • A  few days ago I was in Prince Edward County for a family reunion. A couple of the chaps there had been in school with John Tory.  They agreed he was socially inept, arrogant and had a bit of tin ear politically.   All those traits seen to be on display in his impolitic put-down of his colleague from Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound on the school funding issue.   

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