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New isn’t always better.

Straying off the politics talk for a brief minute, I’m a bit of a computer geek, and I always like to upgrade to something better when I can for hardware, .but I tend to wait to see how new software releases seem to be working before I take the plunge. That is particularly true with Operating Systems, and as this article shows, I think I’m justified in not having fallen to the Microsoft PR blitz on Windows Vista. Windows XP works just fine, thank you.

(H/T to Carson’s Post)


1 comment to New isn’t always better.

  • I foolishly upgraded to vista.  My take on it is if you’re getting a new computer, it’s fine to go Vista, but I wouldn’t want to upgrade a current one.  I bought a new computer with a free upgrade to vista, but even after a month of xp use, I still had some programs which I can’t uninstall, since the uninstaller is not vista-compatible!

    It’s not a bad OS [relative to XP], but it’s not exactly a monumental upgrade.

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