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This is how bad the Conservatives environmental plan is..

Another organization criticized it. Yes, yes, nothing new – the conservative right-wing will say the environmentalists are always taking us to task. Except this time, the body criticizing the government’s plans was none other then Environment Canada itself:

Stephen Harper’s climate-change plan was shredded by his own government’s environment watchdog just as the prime minister prepared to trumpet it at a United Nations conference next week…The report comes at a less-than-ideal moment for the prime minister, who heads to New York on Monday to deliver a speech before 80 world leaders about his approach to climate change.

Ha, ha. That must burn Steve between the ears. How dare someone inconveniently bring up the points that he’s doing nothing but smoke and mirrors on the environment file – and from a government body no less!

Also worth noting is the government body sees the efforts for what they really are – another attempt by Deceivin’ Stephen to fool the Canadian public into thinking he’s actually doing something worthwhile:

The report accuses his government of “systematic” exaggeration, “double-accounting,” “not accurately reflecting” emissions reductions, “important inconsistency,” and “overestimated” reductions. It concluded that of nine federal climate-change programs, the government had exaggerated the benefits of three and failed to produce sufficient information to support the other six

What a shocker that is, eh? 🙄

The Conservatives are trying everything to make this go away as an issue for them, even to the point of trumpeting it about on the world stage about how great a “middle ground” it is – and not even their own government department believes them. It’s little wonder to me about the cuts to Environment Canada done last week over wildlife programs – I do not doubt they are trying to get rid of the scientists and researchers who are paid to report, you know, facts… and try to politicize the department as we have seen the Republicans and Bush do down south.

Quite simply – the environment is not a priority for this government, and this report shows that – regardless of what Deceivin’ Stephen and Blowhard Baird claims.


7 comments to This is how bad the Conservatives environmental plan is..

  • kursk

    "I didn’t say a word about Liberal environmental policies.  That you spent your whole comment on it suggests just how bankrupt Consaervitive policies are"
    Read much Neil?
    The comment, (if you had cared to read any of them..) was to the poster who decries conservative policy and inaction……. conveniently forgetting that it was the liberals who were at the heart of the inaction and inability to meet targets set out in a protocol they admit they had had no intention of meeting…again i say, would not any program be better than any program promised and not delivered? Would not even a 1% reduction be better than hearing liberals make promises and then watching emissions rise to nearly 30% over target ?

    Why should others be blamed and scorned for the liberals decade of inaction?

    ..and the bit about the child?… hyperbole at best , but mainly maudlin..

  • I didn’t say a word about Liberal environmental policies.  That you spent your whole comment on it suggests just how bankrupt Consaervitive policies are. And I don’t think Harpere did himself or Canada much good today at the U.N. when he signed onto a little coterie of countries (including the U.S.) that follow pie-in-the-sky climate policies but adamantly refuse to subscribe to single fixed target.

  • kursk

    Please…it’s a little rich condemning the conservatives for inaction/ineffectiveness on a file that was for several years (and a couple of majorities..) firmly ensconced in the back pocket of the liberal party…

    Wouldn’t ANY action on this file be more welcome than years of liberal inaction?

    "These ‘guys’ are backstabbing my children!"

    Should you not be taking this up with the liberal ministers who basically did nothing on this file? Should you not be asking them why your childrens legacy is in doubt?

  • Another one to watch frothing at the mouth is the PM himself in a speech before the United Nations today.  Harper will reiterate his pledge at Sydney to make Canada a "clean energy superpower."  And this is the same guy who is reluctant to re-introduce  the clean air legislation that died in the last session. Yeccchhh! indeed.

  • Just Some Poor Schmuck

    I just watched Baird on CTV, and he was frothing at the mouth, talking about the action he’s seen in Montreal.  Seriously, he had flecks of spittle on his lip and in the corners of his mouth.  His hair was in disarray and he looked a little shopworn.

    Is this the best an ordinary Canadian can expect from the government on such a world-wide problem as the safety of our earthly environment?

    Baird either needs to take a drink of water or quit drinking before he shows up on international news again.

    It was embarrassing.  The whole segment I had to watch and wonder if he was going to hawk his spittle off onto the camera.  Yeccchhhh!

  • I never believed they would be anything more than this.

    These 'guys' are backstabbing my children!

  • slg

    Hmmm….now how many are going to be suddenly resigning?

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