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Another Liberal blog endorses MMP.

Jason Morris over at has been a bit skeptical of MMP and if it was really the electoral reform Ontario needed (he actually prefers STV, which I didn’t know), and I’ve had a few mild arguments with him on the topic.

So, I’m really pleased to see that he has taken a look at how the Citizen’s Assembly formed their decision, and he has come out and endorsed MMP and hopes Ontario will as well.  Unofficially, as he hasn’t got his  blog on the site yet, that brings to 22 Liberal blogs that have endorsed MMP at the Liberals For MMP blogsite – better then I expected at this point, to be honest.


5 comments to Another Liberal blog endorses MMP.

  • Knb,
    Here's Campaign Life's take on MMP:

    Of particular note, "There are very few examples of social conservative legislation being passed in countries with PR. This summer The Interim newspaper had a team of three people examine the records of other countries to track the progress of prolife and pro-family legislation in countries with PR. They found just one significant example. In the Netherlands, the Christian Union Party, as part of the coalition government there, has effected some positive change in closing down brothels, reducing the number of marijuana shops and introducing guidelines requiring cooling off wait times for abortions."

  • As the link shows, 3% is a lot harder to reach then the fear-mongers… er.. the NO side.. would have you believe. The Green Party wouldn't have even qualified for a list mpp last election, and the Family Coalition Party isnt even on the radar at 0.8%.

    Even if they did, 1 seat or 2 seats held by one of these groups isn't going to adversely affect the balance of power – the 70 – 30 split of local seats vs list seats virtually assures that the "mainstream" parties can form coalitions amongst themselves without worrying about an "extremist" party holding the legislature hostage. That's just more scare tactics being employed.

    Besides, notwithstanding Knb's fears, which I feel are groundless and unwarranted, if those folks get 3% of the vote, which is a couple hundred thousand Ontarions, then they deserve to get representation. Democracy isnt about excluding those people we dont like or whose views we disagree with.

    But as I said, 3% is a larger threshold then some folks think… ansd again I'll point to the link I provided to Knb and his rundown to show better what I mean.

  • Vijay Sappani

    I have received several calls this week to camapaign for NO MMP. Christian coalition, Rhino party or a bunch of religious fanatics can come together and send a wacko to queen's park.  What a pro life party.  IT will be interesting to watch hope it shapes.

  • Actually… the threshold is 3%. Knb.. and you're scared over nothing, as far as I'm concerned.

    Read here to see what I mean

  • knb

    Scott, I've read and read and read.  I still see a threat from the Christian  Coalition  and other groups, having a voice.

    Sorry, especially now, I do not want that group to have any more voice.  Democracy to me does mean that 2% of the pop have an equal voice.

    The ability to sound their voice, yes.  In parliament, no, and as I said, especially not now.

    To be honest Scott, it brings to mind the dishonest debates.  Those who oppose evolution, or those who oppose global warming.  We allow them the same playing field and that is nuts!  This will give them more latitude and I can't bear it.

    I'm sorry my friend, I know you are passionate about this,  but at this point in our history, it's not the time, imo.

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