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What have Ontarions learned about John Tory and the Ontario PC Party?

Not really a lot. We definitely know what his views on education are, and we now know he supports having private-for-profit health-care clinics, but beyond that, all Tory has been doing is bashing the Liberals over and over again in his political ads. There has been very little election ads or announcements on any other policy – as if hoping that all the bashing of the Liberals and the negative ads will be enough to convince Ontarions to elect him without scrutinizing anything else he intends to do if he gets elected as the government.

On the other hand, with all the controversy of the education issue (not helped by his creationism pandering to the religious right) and now apparently supporting the privatization of health-care, maybe he’s wise to keep bashing away and try to keep quiet what the rest of his platform is. If those 2 policies are a reflection of what else he and the PC’s have in mind if they got elected, the resulting backlash from the rest of the electorate not already ticked at him would be enough that the NDP probably would be the Official Opposition once the dust cleared.


7 comments to What have Ontarions learned about John Tory and the Ontario PC Party?

  • ALW

    I don't know what it is with lefties and being obsessed with the United States. I can't think of a single advocate of private health care that says "hey, let's copy the American system".  Yet every times thats what the response seems to include.

    When it comes to environmental standards, or welfare rates, or regulatory minutae, every leftist in the country is out screaming how we shouldn't strike off on some path that's out of sync with the rest of the world.  Except when it comes to our relic of a health care system.  What percentage of total government spending will it have to eat up before you give it up already? 40%? 50%? 70%?

  • Militant Liberal

    More from the Fraser Institute. You forgot part of that talking point though. Your supposed to say. "only Canada and North Korea have outlawed private care". You forgot to tie us in with the big bad communists.I can think of one country that wishes it had Canadian style healthcare. The USA. In fact 40 million of them wish they had any kind of health care.

  • ALW

    Yes, outlawing private health care is such a succesful idea that we're the only developed country in the world that does it.  Can't be coincidence, can it?  How many countries worldwide are pointing at the Canadian model and saying "yeah, that looks like the way to go"?

  • Militant Liberal

    ALW is right lets use the Swedish model for health care. They have 15 percent private care ours is already 30 percent. Stop trying to promote the myth that  privatizing health care will make us more like Sweden and other progressive countries. It's supossed to apeal to Canadians sense of co-operation and it is nothing but Fraser Institute talking points and bullshit.

  • ALW

    Oh no, John Tory wants to import the Swedish/French/Australian health care system! Run for the hills!

    You can fearmonger all  you want about "private-for-profit health care" (are doctors not profiting already?) but even if it works, I won't be surprised if, during his next term, McGuinty et al quietly allow much of the same stuff to happen.  Because they too know its inevitable (and practical, and efficient and sane); they're just hoping to get some political mileage out of beating the Tories over the head with it once more.
    Cue the George Bush references.  This should be a really deep and meaningful debate.

  • Jim

    He wants to sign TILMA (corporate bill of rights, right to sue gov'ts for 'denying investments' like NAFTA).  I put the URL into my name to click on.

    Say bye-bye to any more health initiatives like Toronto banning pesticides if he is elected.

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