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Dion takes a stand for habeaus corpus and the right to a fair trial

I know some of the Liberals have been calling for this, but I’m pleased to see the leader take a public stand:

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is calling on the federal government to intervene in the case of Omar Khadr…Khadr should be tried in a civilian court in the United States, said Dion. “If it’s not something that the U.S. authorities are willing to accept, then we will ask for the repatriation of this citizen,” he said.

We all know the US under the current regime, which is determined to gut the American Constitution in the name of “security” will never acquiesce to such a demand – in fact, they’ve gone into contortions to keep other combatants out of the civilian court system – so it therefore falls to Canada pressuring the US to send him home, which is what  every other Western nation has done with their civilians who were detained there. Only Canada retains “confidence” in the US’s ability to give Khadr a fair trial – which is a load of bunk.  Dion is saying what others have said – let him face due process in a fair manner in a court of law. If there is evidence against him, present it. If you have none, then free him.

Good on Dion for standing up for the rule of law, habeaus corpus, the right to a fair trial, and every other basic right we expect as citizens in our democratic tradition.


4 comments to Dion takes a stand for habeaus corpus and the right to a fair trial

  • garhane

    Just what you might expect from  Mr. Dion who is as sound as a gold coin. But I think he will have to knock some heads together and re construct the Liberal organization somewhat. Still, doing the right thing because it is right would be approved by many of our past PMs, so it is a hopeful sign.

  • Not true…. recent public opinion in Canada according to polls now shows a majority now favour bringing him back to Canada to be either tried here or released if there is no evidence against him.

    If the US Military has such strong evidence against him, why wait 5 years to try him Kursk? And why try to avoid having him go thru civilian courts?

    Also, consideration must be taken into account that he was 15 at the time, which falls under the definition of a "child soldier" and there is certainly evidence his Dad (who was an Al-Queada operative) brainwashed him.

    Point is Kursk, he's innocent till proven guilty under our system of democracy. He has been denied habeaus corpus rights  and the right to a fair trial. If everyone was denied that right simply because they weren't popular figures, there wouldn't be very many trials in Canada.

    It doesn’t surprise me that conservatives like you Kursk are ready to convict him before even bringing him to trial. If Harper had been in power when Arar had been sent to Syria, he’d probably still be in Syria, due to Harper’s “confidence” in the US doing the right thing. Their statements are on Hansard in Parliament – Harper, Day and the lot – decrying Canada for trying to help a terrorist.

    You guys are no democrats.

  • Allan

    Much as I can commend Dion for standing up for the principle of an accused given a fair and timely hearing, such a public stand at this time (immediately after the Quebec byelection debacle) makes me question his politcal instincts and acumen.

    As the above poster noted there isn't any sympathy for the Khadr family in Canada. Dion (and with him the Liberal party) is standing in a hole right now. With this unwisely timed announcement on what, at this time, should be a side issue for him and the Liberals, reeks of amateurism and signs he has surrounded himself with an inner circle of some very politically incompetnet people.

  • kursk

    The problem is, this dog won't hunt in Canada..there is not a lot of sympathy at the moment for Khadr nor his family, especially after their hitjob on the West using the platform of the CBC (as so dutifully noted by momma and sister Khadr..) so aptly demonstrated just what proud Canadians they really are..
    Perhaps in another time and place, with a more sympathetic (read: left leaning govt..) perhaps this man would be given his day in kangaroo court.Anyone who thinks this would be anything but a show trial is seriously deluding themselves..

    In the real world, as a non uniformed enemy combatant, his miserable existance should have ended the day he tossed a grenade and killed an American special forces medic..

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