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Conservatives show again they care little about our environment.

Nice of the Conservatives to show again what their primary weakness is going to be in the next election – CBC has discovered they’ve virtually shut down the budget at Environment Canada:

Sources say the budget cuts are as follows:

  • The Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Network, which observes changes in ecosystems, has lost 80 per cent of its budget.
  • The Migratory Bird Program, which monitors the health of bird populations, has seen its budget cut by 50 per cent.
  • The budget for the National Wildlife Areas, a program that protects nationally significant habitats for wildlife and birds, has been slashed from $1.9 million to zero.

And what did the Environment Minister have to say? Well, nothing.. he wasn’t around for comment, but his department released a statement saying that spending was being prioritized for climate change. Apparently, the Conservatives have decided not only will they try to fool Canadians into thinking they’re doing something on climate change, but they have also decided that nothing beyond that needs protecting – screw the wildlife.

UPDATE: 6:11 pm  – The Sierra Club officially slams the government for doing this, as you would expect, and with a good  retort to the Environment Ministry saying money was being prioritized for climate change:

“They can’t just pick and choose,” Langlois said. “If a patient has three types of cancer, you wouldn’t say ‘We’re just going to treat one.'”


7 comments to Conservatives show again they care little about our environment.

  • Very Scarey Conservative

    Well, the answer is clear, if you libbies are so concerned about the environment, then bring the Harper government down this fall by insisting on your joke of a Kyoto bill. Of course some folks might question why your sudden interest in the environment when in 13 years of power all you did was blow hot air and sunshine up Canadian's backsides. Boy, Pablo's bill is SOOOO going to bite you in the ass!
    Let Borat, er, Dion, wrap himself in the green flag and make a fool of himself.
    So if you don't want all the birds to die, do the right thing and topple the government.
    I can't wait.
    You did notice that the CBC has started to ask Borat tough questions now? It's pretty evident they have decided he needs to find other employment. All that remains to be seen is if they give Iggy the nod as the new Librano leader or if they have some other pig they are going to help slap some lipstick on and parade as the saviour of 'da canadiun valyoos'.

  • It's not even the point that they don't care about the programs being axed in favour of "clean air". The programs being axed would also help guage the effects of climate change. Knowing that, it would seem that the Harper Conservatives are starting to show their true colours with respect to the environment, that is, they don't care at all about it, and that this lack of caring extends to climate change.

  • Joseph

    So I've been wondering why this bugged me so much.  While I stand by what I said above, I think my real irritation is that this is the kind of real stuff that happens in the real world while inter-party fighting and angst get far too much focus.Everyone needs to keep their eye on the ball, and start acting for the greater good.  There's too much at stake.

  • Joseph

    In my effort to be more blunt after the by-elections – not disrespectful or undermining but blunt – here's my initial thought on your post.

    I think it's great you're pointing this out, and it is shameful that Environment Canada is being gutted like this.

    So my question is when is Dion going to get off his ass and say something about it – perhaps to the mass media (just a suggestion)?  Or is he just having tea with a few close friends this week, building a bridge or two after the recent "rough spot"?

    Forgive me if I'm mistaken but isn't the point of being the Opposition leader to stand up and oppose things like this when the governing party goes astray with their actions?

    I really want to believe someone is driving the ship but someone has to change the channel here.  If another week of "Dion faces pressure" articles bubble up with no action, initiative, or policy statement, then I'm going to start having serious doubts that he or any of the leadership really get the message.

    Sorry for the frustration, but I am wondering who has their eye on the ball – a thought I've tried to ignore for a while now.  Things that are described in this article don't just happen in a vacuum.  Someone has to have known this was happening before CBC stumbled upon it.  Where was the outrage weeks or months ago?

    And, NO, actually a press release posted on the Liberal website several months back doesn't really quite hack it.  Not everyone has as  bookmark next to youtube on their web browser.  And news cycles are about twice per day now so just it really isn't enough to send up a statement in April and expect it to resonate now.

    I want to be proven wrong on this.  I will gladly eat my words if there is a press conference today that lambasts the government on this (with a good chance it's Layton before the camera).  But my guess based upon observations over the past several months is this will just float with limited air-time through the media as a one-day story, soon backlogged in the archives as another, "oh yeah, and then they canceled that program" reference point for some research assistant 2 decades from now.

    Someone needs to start drawing vivid pictures of how these decisions affect the real lives of real people and their children.  That's why we have elected leaders so we don't all have to have blogs to vent while the decisions are made elsewhere.

  • Deceiving Stephen is staying on message: "Climate change programs are very expensive so we have to make tough choices…"

    This is classic neo-con messaging. Hungrily axe important programs you ideologically hate using the justification that the funds are needed to support another program you also hate and have no intention of properly funding further down the road.

    This also is the start of a strategy to gut information-gathering projects which would otherwise supply news and information not convenient to Harper's ideological bent and agenda. This tactic has been used  extensively in the US under Bush.

    For example, by chopping an ecosystem monitoring budget, Harper is limiting that programs ability to report on the effect climate change is having on ecosystems, thus limiting potential negative fallout on his government.

    This is further evidence that Harper just doesn't give a crap about my children.

  • Holy shit! What the hell is Harper thinking?

  • Coming so soon after the by-elections…you don't suppose THAT is a jab at Dion too?

    I think Dion is an idiot, but that is about as petty and mean spirited as one can get.  Bunch of thugs.

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