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Bits n’ Bites

– It’s nice to see that Wayne Chu has gotten actively involved in politics since he left Progressive Bloggers, and is involved in a leading way. Best of luck to him.

– I’ve avoided the Quebec by-elections and commenting on them, because I prefer to see what happens before launching into speculative blogposts. I will say that it’s been rather dismaying to see Liberals behave like the old Progressive Conservative party did – which if you weren’t around for that involved constant sniping and backbiting and so on (They also waited til their leader went through a general election campaign before drawing the knives out). There appears to be fault to go around for this disorganization on the ground, regardless of the results. I’ll also say that Stephen Harper has to be enjoying seeing this divisiveness, and Liberals who are genuine in not trying to cause a coup d’etat better figure that out quickly. (Later Update: For an interesting read, check this article from Justin who has been on the ground in Outrement. Whatever one can say, if what he says is true what the local association riding has been doing, it does appear the ground game has been at the very least bizarre. I would like to hear the local Liberal riding association’s take on all this however).

– I was rather appalled to see Sheila Copps commentary in the Sun, claiming that anyone who supports MMP is nuts, and that religious extremist parties could hold the balance of power in the legislature with this. This is nothing more then sensationalizing fear-mongering on Sheila’s part, and you can read Matthew’s rebuttal of her at his page. I would hope that the Sun would allow someone to publish a rebuttal to her column. Dr. Caroline Bennett would be a good choice, I think.

– Also, for those people in SW Ontario, Steve Withers of Vote For MMP is going to be in a televised debate with the aforementioned Ms. Copps today. His debate is this afternoon, but it should be broadcast either tonight or in the next day or 2 on the former CH station in Hamilton (I know they’ve just changed their name and joined some new network, but it escapes me at the moment).


2 comments to Bits n’ Bites

  • I sure lost some respect for Copps after this outburst of nuttery from her.

  • Sadly, Sheila's "analysis" was the acme of sanity compared to Murray Campbell's rant in this morning's Globe.  I take it as a sign that MMP is doing pretty well if these folks have to resort to such frothing craziness.

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