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Rick Anderson on MMP

For anyone who doesn’t know, Rick Anderson, former Reform Party strategist, is Vote For MMP’s committee chair. He did an interview with the CBC’s Paul Hunter on the merits of MMP. It’s probably the first time in which I’ve heard Mr. Anderson speak that I actually agree with anything he says 🙂


3 comments to Rick Anderson on MMP

  • I know all about Sheila's rantings on the subject.  She uses the same line as all the others do: “extremist fringe parties will control the balance of power!” ” party bosses will manipulate the lists”

    All bunk.

  • You should read Sheila Copp's, in the Sun,  and see what she says about MMP.I think that there is a better way.

  • I'm surprised but also delighted to see Rick Anderson leading this battle for the MMP side.   I think the last time we saw him — albeit in shadow — was as the "Mystery Blogger" during CBC's coverage of the last federal election and he had quite a few insights that proved to be bang on then also.

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